6 Cool Internet of Things Applications that You Should Know

Internet of Things Applications

What is the Internet of Things?

Imagine a world where each and every device in the car, workplace, and home are connected. Internet of Things Applications.

A world where the main door automatically gets unlocked when a member of the house approaches but stays locked when a stranger arrives, the coffee starts brewing by hearing the morning alarm, and the lights of the car automatically turn on when it approaches the driveway.

This is the type of world created by the Internet of Things.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices that are connected to the Internet have their own IP address and can connect to each other to robotize & digitize simple tasks.

The Connected devices or Smart devices are designed in such way that they are able to capture and utilize every bit of data which is used or shared by you in everyday life. All these connected devices use this data to interact with you and complete the tasks.

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Important Internet of Things applications: 

1) Smart Home

Among all measured channels, Smart Home is the highest-ranked Internet of Things application. In the residential spaces, Smart Home has become the revolutionary ladder of success. Each month more than 60,000 people search for the term ‘Smart Home’. Smart Home products are designed to save money, energy and time. The smart home companies like AlertMe, Nest, Ring, and Ecobee are planning to deliver a never seen before experience and are slated to become the best household brands.

2) Wearable Technology or Smart Wearables

Wearables always remained a hot topic and have experienced an explosive demand in the markets all over the world. Wearables devices are installed with software and sensors which collect information and data about the user. This data then extracts essential insights about the users. These devices broadly cover entertainment, health and fitness requirements. The necessary condition from IoT technology for wearable applications is to be ultra-low power or highly energy efficient and small sized.

3) Smart City

The smart city is another powerful application of the Internet of Things which ranges a wide variety of use cases, from environmental monitoring to urban security, to waste management, to water distribution and traffic management. Internet of Things helps in solving major problems of the cities like shortage of energy supply, traffic congestion, pollution etc. e.g. By using web applications and installing sensors, citizens are able to find free parking slots across the city.

4) Smart Grids

The smart grid is another special application that promises to use information about the behaviour of electricity consumers and suppliers in an automated fashion to improve the economics, reliability and efficiency of electricity. Smart Grids will also be able to detect sources at individual household levels and counter-power outages with nearby solar panels.

5) Industrial Internet

Industrial Internet also termed as Industrial Internet of Things is the new buzz in the industrial sector. It is empowering industrial engineering with big data, software and sensors analytics to create brilliant machines. Applications for real-time information exchange and tracking goods for inventory among automated delivery, retailers, and suppliers will increase the supply chain efficiency.

6) Connected Health

Connected health remains the sleeping giant of the IoT applications. The concept of smart medical devices and connected healthcare systems bears an enormous potential for the well-being of people along with companies in general. IoT in healthcare is targeted at empowering people by wearing connected devices to live healthily. The collected data will provide tailor-made strategies and will help in the personalized analysis of an individual’s health to combat illness.

IoT continues to evolve, transform and make our world easier that we’ve never imagined before. To be the part of innovation and infinite possibilities that IoT is unleashing, embark on the bandwagon and get the ball rolling. If you have any feedback, suggestions and any new inventions in the field of IoT, I would love to hear from you and take the discussion further.

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