What is IoT ? – Simple Explanation of Meaning of Internet of Things with Examples

What is IoT

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What is IoT ?

IoT is the abbreviation for ‘Internet of Things’. You might have heard of Internet of Things and related terms like IoT, Internet of Everything, smart things, control using the internet and so on since there has been much talk about IoT in recent times. Shortly we can say IoT means Things connected to internet and acts smartly that reduce human effort are called Internet of Things.

So what is IoT exactly ? in Simple way

“IoT is the concept of establishing a connection among different devices and communicating with them over the internet using a mobile app or web browser” , this is more technical way for ‘ What is IoT ?’

Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology concept and/or an architecture which is an aggregation of already available technologies.

IoT technologies can improve the quality of life by making everyday life more comfortable, simple, convenient and fast while increasing productivity.

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This video give you clear understanding about Internet of Things

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The following examples give a clear idea about IoT.

IoT Example 1:

IoT light on off
Light on and off

Image credit: Monam/Pixabay


You can control lights at home by turning them ON/OFF or change their intensity using a smartphone application.

You can change the brightness or colour of lights depending on your mood and comfort. The application allows you to control the lights from any location as the device is connected to the internet through a router.

In case you forget to turn off the lights before leaving home and remember it later, smart home

will save the effort and energy required to go back and turn it off.

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IoT Example 2:


Image credit: kaboompics/Pixabay

James is the owner of a coffee shop on a crowded street. He had a manually operated coffee machine. Over time, he was glad to have more customers coming to his shop for a variety of

coffee drinks.

James used to set the machine manually each time he had to make coffee. Operating the machine manually was very time consuming and that negatively affected the coffee shop customer service.

To handle more customers and serve coffee to customers on time, James came up with a solution. He replaced the manual coffee machine with an automatic coffee machine, which can be controlled from a mobile app.

Now James can control the coffee machine from his android mobile app and set the machine for the type and quantity of coffee based on the customer’s order.

Using the app, James can also know the number of customers visiting his shop every day and the total coffee consumption.

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Hope above two examples give clear idea about Internet of Things . Do you like this like , please post your comment in comment section below . We look forward to here from you.


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