About Us

‘IoTDunia.com’ is ‘The Ecosystem dedicated to Internet of Things’.

IoTDunia.com is a Service Provided by ‘IoTDunia Education & Technology Services ‘

“We are young entrepreneurs and dreamers who are working towards our common vision of empowering the youth of India by providing them with great professional opportunities with Internet of Things.

We believe in sharing knowledge.

” Our Mission “To Make Tech community aware about Internet of Things & Its Application to betterment of our Country & Individual”

We created IoTDunia as a IoT Ecosystem and Trying to make it more Stronger day by day.

The IoTDunia Ecosystem includes Services as follows (free)

1) IoT Information Portal /IoT Knowledge Hub: At IoTDunia.com you can get Valuable information at free of cost,

2) IoT Project Hub : include IoT Projects , basic , medium and advance level to practice and improve own practical knowledge,

3) IoT Start-up & Companies: Internet of Things Technology Startup and Companies are available with their service and Product details

4) IoT Vendor Listing : Easy to find device, board, sensors and its availability at your place for IoT project making,

5) Forum – for discussion and giving solution on your doubts that will come during learning and project making by self,

6)Events & Workshop – you also find IoT and new technology events & workshop date & place .

Our role is not finish after training only we engage with college and student through complete year to make student Skill Engineer by arranging add-on sessions.

7) Guest Post :- We publish guest post of new or existing  smart product / technology that makes people’s work easy. Any ones post get publish on IoTDunia.com by sharing your post with us on info@iotdunia.com . Publishing post is free of cost .


For Inquiry you can mail us at info@iotdunia.com .

Are you belongs to IoT? Let us know about you,  info@iotdunia.com

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 “Let Come together to make world smart with IoT”


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