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IoT application development tools contains information related technology , tools , software and platforms using for IoT application development . This include development tools , programming languages , software etc.

IOT Application Development Tools – Learn more about tools, software, technologies and platform used in Internet of  Things Application Development.

IOT Application Development Tools, Internet of  Things Tools, IoT software.

Augmented Reality

What is Augmented Reality (AR)? How does Augmented Reality Works?

What is Augmented Reality?: The word ‘augment’ is meant by increasing or extending while Augmented Reality (AR) is known as the enhanced version of the entity that gives us more pleasure providing great views of physical real-world. How does AR works? and Types of AR.
Edge computing

What is Edge computing? Is it essential for the IoT ?

The word 'edge' is a distinct and autonomously owned and executed. Edge depends on the use cases as the vehicle can...
User Experience for developers

7 Easy Ways to Offer Fantastic User Experience for IoT | UX Design

  The internet of things (IoT) is a fantastic concept that has brought a revolutionary change in the world of technology. Some...
SDN -Software Defined Networking Solution for the Internet of Things

Software Defined Networking (SDN) for the Internet of Things

Software Defined Networking Solution: Software program Defined Networking (SDN) is envisioned as a method to lower the intricacy of network configuration and management. New network...
Amazon Alexa Echo IoTDunia

Integrating Amazon Alexa into IoT Ecosystem

What Is Amazon Alexa and How it is used by an organization? Alexa is an intelligent personal cloud-based assistant developed by Amazon Lab126, made popular...

MQTT and CoAP: IoT Developers dilemma

IoT developers face a wide range of protocol choices in creating applications for the Internet of Things (IoT). These applications need to be able...
IoT Platform

What is an IoT Platform? & what are the Key components

IoT Platform:   Internet of Things is nothing but the ecosystem of physical objects that can be connected to the internet and we can access as...
NB-IoT IoTDunia

NB-IoT ( NarrowBand IoT )  

  What is NarrowBand IoT ( NB-IoT ) : NarrowBand-IoT is new standard connecting Internet of things . NarrowBand IoT is new of communication with...
MQTT and HTTP - difference between two communication protocols

MQTT and HTTP : Comparison between two IoT Protocols

Introduction: Approaching the IoT world, one can be wondered on how many protocols we can use to communicate IoT devices. There are many protocols such...
LTE technology for IoT

LTE Technology || Wireless IoT Technology for communication

What is LTE ? LTE  stands for Long Term Evolution . LTE is a standard for high speed wireless communication for mobile device which are...
Open Source

What is Open Source ? Difference between Open source and Proprietor software (close source)?

What is Open source?  The term ' open source ' refers to something people can alter and share because its design can be access by...
What is an API - Application Programming Interface

What is an API ? – Making Things Easier for Developers

What is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. According to Wikipedia, the definition of API or Application Programming Interface is as follows: “In computer programming,...
Zigbee IoTDunia

Zigbee that Control Your world || Internet of Things

What is Zigbee ? Zigbee is a low-power, low data rate, and personal area wireless ad hoc network. It is the wireless language that everyday devices...
DevOps and Internet of Things

6 reasons why DevOps plays a major roles in Internet of Things: DevOps and...

DevOps and Internet of Things: DevOps (Development and Operations) is a software delivery process that emphasizes on collaboration between developers and operations team, which includes managing product...
LPWAN feature Image

Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) & Internet of Things

LPWAN: Introduction In 1969, US government introduced a technology for transmitting the information from one place to another. It can send data or the information...

Latest in Internet of Things

AI and Data Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Ultimate Data Security Enhancer

Data security to get smart with AI: How fairly do you remember the first time “artificial intelligence” was used? The concept of AI has always...
Internet of Things in Manufacturing

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Manufacturing Industry

Internet of Things in Manufacturing: Increasing manufacturing demand is becoming a common concern among most of the enterprises. It has also been seen in the...
Industrial IoT and Smart factories

Industrial IoT System for Smart factories

Industrial IoT and Smart Factories: The Industrial Internet of Things referred to as Industry 4.0  or IIoT for short is the integration of...
Smart school and Smart classroom

How is IoT changing today’s school and classroom Smart?

Smart school and Smart classroom and IoT: School days for people are one of the most important time-period of their lives that they talk most....
IoT in Field Service Management

IoT applications in Field Service Management

IoT in Field Service Management: The importance of the internet of things has been increased now that most of the organizations want to implement it...
climate change and IoT

How IoT can protect our homes and cities from climate change?

Climate Change and IoT: Climate change has been deemed as one of the most common and dreadful events for the humanitarian crisis which is unstoppable....
Amazon and IoT Technology

How Amazon is Integrating IoT technology for Better Consumer Solutions

Amazon’s almost always on the headlines when it comes to technological innovations and implementations of the same. Amazon and IoT Technology. It’s the same now,...
Livestock Monitoring and Farming

How IoT is changing Livestock Monitoring and Farming?

IoT based Livestock Monitoring and Farming: Nowadays, most of the companies are seeking to adopt automated monitoring systems for efficient operations. Automated systems are drastically...
Facility Management

IoT applications in Facility Management

IoT applications in Facility Management New opportunities have continuously been discovering for home integration which will help in the evolution of a brand new concept...
Indoor Positioning System

What is Indoor Positioning System and its Uses?

What is Indoor Positioning System (IPS)? An Indoor positioning system shortly known as IPS is a form of purpose that can locate the people or...