Amazon Dash Button : An Easier Approach towards your life

amazon dash button and hacking

 An Easier Approach towards your life with Amazon dash button


With the IoT technology engrossing itself into people’s life more and more gadgets are coming up. One of them which I came across while surfing was the Amazon dash buttons .

Question arises in your mind what does a dash button do? Amazon coming up with the dash buttons? Well it’s the most useful device specially brought in for people who have a hectic life schedule and sometimes forget to buy their most needed grocery or the household essentials.

Then the only alternative is to shop online or reach to the nearest mart. So here is where Amazon comes with an exclusive product which can make your daily routine work easier.

The ‘Dash button’ which is connected with the Amazon app through Wi-Fi, is brand specific and the company has its tie ups with household product manufacturers such as Tide, Huggies, Gillette etc. Each manufacturer has a specific dash button to order their products.

The ‘Amazon Dash button’ comes with an adhesive and a hook and can be hung or hooked anywhere at home. It also contains a microphone and little light indicator.

Push this button to order potato chips. Push another, for soaps. Save your time not only from running to a store but also from tedious web browsing during urgent necessities.

In fact life becomes simpler with this tiny Wi-Fi connected device, which automatically reorders the household required items when you press it and Amazon will ship it to you.

Is it real or just an illusion of such devices but these are really available at the market which cost $4.99 each, even though you will receive a reimbursement for the purchase price after your first order.


amazon dash buttons


Amazon Dash Buttons, a very simple and mini device which helps in ordering your products from the online retailers. It is a cloud programmable dash button. Stick one on your fridge and when you run low on the products, you can order more by pressing the button. Just with a single click the product reaches at your door step with the Amazon home delivery.


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What happens exactly after pressing the button?

When you press the button simultaneously many things occur at the same time.

Firstly the device turn on initially from its sleep mode due to its sleep mode existence, due to this mode this can run for months together even with small AA battery.

Note that during the setup of the Dash button you have to link it with your account on the Amazon app which will be explained in detail in the next article.

After it is in the ON mode the white LED blinks with which you come to know the button is pressed which later on connects itself to the Internet through the Wi-Fi connection.

The Dash Button connects to the Amazon account and sends a serial code which as a message of product requirement is received at the centre.

Once the Amazon receives this short message as a response they will send a message as an acknowledgement thus the Dash button changes its colour of the LED to green indicating you that your order is placed and dozes off again a few seconds to save the battery power.

what are amazon dash buttons

The Amazon Dash Button is a part of Amazon’s plan to being the Everything Store, the one place you go to buy everything you need at just a single press of the button.

It’s an interesting approach that certainly makes it easier to order things you buy frequently, and it’s a neat piece of overall hardware design. What if the Wi-Fi network is not able to connect and What if you want to cancel your order? The overall hardware design would be explained in the next article.


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