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What is an API - Application Programming Interface

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface.

According to Wikipedia, the definition of API or Application Programming Interface is as follows:

In computer programming, an Application Programming Interface (API) is a set of subroutine definitions, protocols, and tools for building application software.

To put it simply, an API is to a developer what a GUI is to a computer user. A Graphical User Interface lets you interact with the computer, without actually having to know what happens behind scenes for each and every task you do. It makes things simple for the user by providing buttons, search boxes, a cursor and much more.

An API does the same thing for a developer. It is a set of protocols defined to facilitate communication between software and different software components. It is a complete building block that can be used by a program to complete his programming without having to write a code for every small thing. Not having an API, would have made coding so much more complex and tedious than it already is.

It also helps that an API can help programs in different languages communicate with each other. Otherwise, how could the world stay so effortlessly connected? It would be nearly impossible to restructure every software application or program or piece of code, to be universal, or capable of universal communication.

It is the Application Programming Interface that helps developers to interact with other software, and thus eliminates the need for a universal programming language or a universally accepted communication protocol.

The applications of the Application Programming Interface is more wide-reaching than you might have grasped from the above explanation. An API is what enables interaction between an application and an OS.

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It is what makes a library in one language available to a developer coding in another language. It is what helps your computer software to interact with your smart devices. It is also what helps online information aggregator to interact with different websites to present you with a consolidated list. In short, though not appreciated, an Application Programming Interface is what helps the world stay connected.

Application Programming Interface plays a key role in IoT application development. With Application Programming Interface we can make IoT product /Application more Smart with new integrations.

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