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Bearbot : A lively universal remote control

In today’s trend remote has become a common access to all the devices be it from the different light controllers ,air conditioner, music system or the kitchen appliances.

So be in precise we all know a remote helps us in acquiring the desired information wirelessly from a distance without coming into a physical contact with the device.

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The remote control handsets are designed in such a feature the signal between the handset and the device it controls consists of pulses of infrared light, which is invisible to the human eye, but can be seen through a digital camera, video camera or a phone camera.

In this way for each appliance we have a specific remote which sometimes becomes tiring to search out that particular remote for accessing the device.

Later on we start manually operating the device than wasting time in searching out that particular remote controller.

With this kept in mind the IoT brings down many functions to one single remote-control bringing in forward to you an emotive universal remote which they named “Bearbot”.

Most people have dogs or cats for pets, but an IndieGoGo campaign encourages you to adopt a bear. It’s no ordinary bear – it knows sign language, can turn off your TV, control your phone, and more. Of course, it also isn’t a real bear.

Video source and credit : IndiaGogo

The Bearbot is created by Mu Design in Luxembourg. It is a home automation tool which responds to your gestures to control your home appliances.

According to developer Vivien Muller on the IndieGogo page, we get to know that Bearbot recharges his batteries via induction (Qi system) in almost four hours which is really very fast and quick moreover it can function throughout a day.

By its looks you will get to see a bear but it a universal remote.

Initially the gestures are to be taught after which the Bearbot starts responding immediately to each of your command.

This Bearbot can be used to control your TV, light bulbs, thermostat, smart air conditioner, and everything in between.

It can replace as many remotes as you wish. With its display you will be able to detect which appliance Bearbot is controlling. More in detail about the functioning of Bearbot would be explained in the next article.

This little bear is very talented too. It operates by using an infrared blaster within a radius of about 16 feet as it requires line of sight for successful use.

If the device moves further beyond 16 feet distance away from the appliance being controlled you will be able to see the signal wear off.

However this drawback can also be replaced using the Bearbot along with its cub. When you use BearBot’s cubs the IR range increases.

The Bearbot is made up 100% recyclable plastic which mean it is environmental friendly too.After reading this may be adopting a Bearbot too.

Well cost wise too it costs $111 on its own which is approximately Rs 7600 in Indian rupees or the Bearbot  along with its cub would be $140 which is around Rs10, 000 in Indian rupees.

With the latest technologies coming into existence life would become simpler as more and more IoT innovations starts materializing.


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Featured Image and video credit: Indiegogo

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