Best Uses of Raspberry Pi – What is Raspberry pi for ?

Raspberry pi uses industrial real life applications

The Best Uses of Your Raspberry Pi


You have prepared your mind. You’re ready to hop onto an amazing project. You have already bought the best Raspberry Pi that suits your needs and check out the list of specifications you have in mind.

But, the obvious question is, what do you build? How do you use your Raspberry Pi effectively and innovatively?

Well, worry not! Because your single-board computer or microcontroller is used for a bunch of purposes. These could be the Raspberry Pi daily life applications or the Raspberry Pi’s industrial uses depending on your choice. So, let’s get to know these uses more and get started!



Using the Raspberry Pi for daily applications


1. Security Camera with Face Detection

Believe it or not but your Raspberry Pi is capable of being a security camera that uses face detection technology. The CCTV Camera keeps your valuable assets secured as well as informs you of its surroundings, whether you’re indoors or outdoors .All you need is a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, a micro SD card, a camera with enclosure, and a power supply and you’re ready to build!

You can check out the project from the given link


2. Air Quality Monitor

Air quality monitor Raspberry pi applications list uses

Another cool and interesting way to use your Raspberry Pi is by making an Air Quality Monitor out of your single board computer. How can you do it? Well, simple, A Raspberry Pi with a Sensirion SPS30 sensor can easily measure the air quality both indoors and out by simply connecting your particulate matter sensor to your Raspberry Pi.

You can go through the entire project from the given link and create one of your own :


3. Wifi Extender

We have all been there, getting a perfectly strong signal for your device in the living room but not your bedroom. Or maybe in any other part of the house. Irritating, right? Well, you can get rid of this problem by simply putting your Raspberry Pi device at work. How will this happen? The Raspberry Pi 4 you use, gets its network connection from the onboard WiFi module. These signal will then be distributed through a second WiFi adapter.

Know more about this project from the following link:


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Using your Raspberry Pi for Industrial Uses

If you thought that Raspberry Pi devices can only be used for daily uses and general application, then you’re wrong. Because this single board computer is all ready to take up industrial challenges as well.


1. Strato-Pi


Strato pi Raspberry pi Industrial uses


An industrial server and a widely popular Raspberry Pi industrial solution, strato-pi is used in residential and industrial environments for electromagnetic compatibility, electrical safety and emission. The device is connected to the Raspberry Pi’s I2C Bus which can run anything from a simple shell script to a full-fledged Java server in a Docker container.

You can learn more about this industrial product using the Raspberry Pi as its base from the given link :


2. IOT-Gate


iot gate Raspberry pi industrial uses applications list


Powered by the Raspberry Pi 3 Compute Module, this device is an IOT-gateway that enables device -to-device communications and facilitates the connections between different data sources and destinations. It’s compatible with the Raspbian Linux and Ubuntu Core.

The IOT-GATE is filled with great features, you can check these out on the following link:


No wonder, the Raspberry Pi microcontrollers and computers are such a big deal in the market. With their huge range of functions and uses, these devices are definitely worth it and highly useful!


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