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Industrial Internet Things || Industrial IoT – Brief Overview

IIOT (Industrial Internet of Thing or Industrial Internet Things both are same ) Let’s first understand what is meant by Internet of Thing, it is the network of interconnect devices which communicate with each other through the internet. These items are embedded with some sensing device that is connected to the internet in order to pass the information to other...

Introducing MQTT- Connectivity protocol for M2M & IoT

Introduction : MQTT is designed as a machine-to-machine (M2M) & IoT connectivity protocol. MQTT stands for Message Queuing telemetry Transport . This protocol is thus light-weight that it are often supported by some of the littlest measure and monitoring devices, and it can transmit information over way reaching, sometimes intermittent networks. It is a publish/subscribe messaging transport protocol that's optimized to connect physical world...

IoT Gateway Architecture : Overview of Gateway Software

IoT Gateway Architecture
Architectural Overview :   In previous article we went through basic of IoT Gateway – What is it? & why we need IoT gateway in IoT Solution. In this article we will discuss about Architectural overview of IoT Gateway. If anyone missed to read our previous article related IoT Gateway, please read previous article for better understanding  of current one.   IoT Architectural Diagram The above diagram...

What is an IoT Gateway ? Why We Need IoT Gateway in IoT Solution?

What is an IoT Gateway
IoT Solution: IoT solution contains Sensor, gateway, cloud, web/Mobile. Sensor: Sensors senses data from physical world and send for processing. Gateway: process and collect the data from sensor nodes and transmitting it to the internet infrastructure Cloud/ Data center: The data transmitted through gateway is stored & processed securely within the cloud server i.e. in data center. Web/Mobile: through application user can view data...

How Beacon Technology works?

Working of Beacon Technology
Beacon technology is one of the new technological advancements which have been made in the 21st Century. In a series of shorter spam, the Beacon technology has been gaining massive popularity. It is used in almost every aspect of human life. A beacon, in the context of location-based services, is a small hardware device that enables data transmission to mobile devices...

What is Beacon and its technology?

What is Beacon
Beacons are usually small standalone devices that are attached to walls or objects in the environment. The simplest beacons simply send out a signal to devices in range but they may also be Wi-Fi- and cloud-connected and can contain memory, processing resources and sensors for temperature and motion detection (among other possibilities). A typical configuration might include an ARM processor, a...

What is Virtual Reality?

What is Virtual Reality ?
Virtual reality is an artificial environment that is created with software and presented to the user in such a way that the user suspends belief and accepts it as a real environment. It usually refers to the computer-generated simulation in which a person can interact within an artificial three-dimensional environment using special electronic...

Top 15 Emerging Internet of Things Trends Shaping Your Future

Internet of Things Trends
The implementation of the Internet of Things has been increasing day by day in various sectors and constant innovation is also continued for it as well. With this innovation, it is difficult to anticipate the exact reach of its innovation over time. 2018 has been a year filled with technological advancement where the...

Connected Cars, Autonomous Vehicles and the Internet of Things

Connected cars
Connected and automated vehicles technologies are the most searched technologies in the automotive categories. This is the vehicle technology going to be used most in the future and will be implemented the most in the upcoming developed projects. This topic includes connected & autonomous cars, an overview of the particular technologies, benefits, difficulties...

Why Do We Need the Internet of Things?

need of internet of things
We live in that world which drastically requires great revenue management system becomes a foremost theme these days. The Internet of Things aims to develop internet connectivity for the daily purpose devices that can efficiently send and receive data. These IoT devices may come in the form of your...

What is Big Data? Why is it important? & Applications of the Big Data

What is Big Data
Big data is one of the most explored terms in the past few years and it has also been said that the big data exist nowhere. It should also know that there are more than 4 million users watch the YouTube videos every minute while about half of million users send various tweets...

What is Smart Grid?: Importance and Advantages of Smart Grids

Smart grids - transformers
What is Smart Grid? The smart grid is called as one of the best utilization in the computer intelligence sector that also proves the ability for networking. There are many features that discriminate it from the conventional electricity distribution system. After the invention of the smart grid electricity system, operation...

How does IoT and Big Data Applications Transform our Smart Cities?

IoT and Big Data Applications Transform our Smart Cities
The IoT is an interrelated computing device, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. Whereas, Big Data means extremely large data sets that may be analyzed computationally to reveal patterns,...

15 Real World Use Cases and Applications of Blockchain Technology

Real World Use Cases of Blockchain technology
Blockchain technology is one of the most known terms nowadays for digital transactions but now it has not been limited for investing as digital coins. There have also been seen various changes in the Blockchain technology over the years that drag it from the concept of transacting money only.

How IoT can transform the modern workplace?

Transforming modern workplace
Internet Of Things (IoT) is moving toward making one of the most talked topics in the industrial sector. Many of the companies have already realized the benefits of IoT from the collective use to individual uses. IoT is also drastically helpful in creating smart homes and workspaces. Many contemporary offices have already been implemented the smart lighting systems and devices that...

How is IoT optimizing Costs for Industrial Sectors?

Optimizing costs for Industrial Sector
Use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial sectors has been increased in the past few years.  Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is also known as one of the most shareholders in the global IoT spendings. See also: Where Are You on the IoT Curve? A report has also been published by the SAP indicates that more than 50% of global manufactures...

15 most popular devices that you need to know in 2019

Most Popular Devices in 2019
15 most popular devices in 2019: IoT devices will be our future and most of the tech companies are focusing to manufacture the appliances enabled with the internet of things.

How does Chatbot boost your business?

Chatbots for the business
Chatbots for the Business: Chatbots can do real conversation to the clients all the time that can be used with almost all reputed messaging apps.

How FinTech is transforming the finance industry in India?

FinTech - Financial Technology
Financial Technology abbreviated as FinTech, uses the software to provide various financial services to the companies. FinTech companies usually are created to disrupt the existing financial models to provide great services to its customers all the time