3 Steps to build your IoT application with Blynk IoT mobile app works with anything | ESP8266, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, SparkFun and others

Blynk IoT mobile app

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Blynk IoT mobile app for Internet of things Project development :

 Blynk IoT app

Blynk IoT mobile app is a toolset for all who would love to use their smartphones to control electronics like Arduino, RaspberryPi and similar ones by establishing internet connection, building an app and writing hardware code in easy way. Blynk has an amazing interface from various widgets they provide, upload the example code to your hardware and enjoy seeing first results in under 5 minutes! It works perfectly for newbie makers and saves tons of time for evil geniuses. Blynk will work with all popular boards and shields to give you full freedom when deciding how to plug Blynk into your existing or new project. You will also enjoy the convenience of Blynk Cloud. Which is, by the way is free and open-source.

Blynk IoT app connection with any Hardware

3 steps to getting started with Blynk:




You can download blynk library for Arduino from here. Download zip file and unzip it to the library folder of Arduino IDE (C:\Program Files\Arduino\libraries) if you are unable to find this folder follow this guide.




  • Open Blynk IoT App on your smart phone and create new account and then new project after successfully login.

Register account - Blynk IoT app

Create project -Blynk IoT app


Give name to it


  • Choose the hardware and communication type you are going to use click here to check list of supported devices

Select your Hardware - Blynk IoT app


  • Obtain Auth Token:

For obtaining token follow following steps:



a) Select the device for communication:


Device selection for communication- Blynk IoT app



b)  Click on device


click on device - Blynk IoT app



c)See the Auth Token


Authotication token - Blynk IoT app



d) Press create button


Press create button - Blynk IoT app



  •  Add Button widget.. Tap once to get to Widget Settings

add widget button - Blynk IoT app


You can hold and drag it to reposition

button reposition- Blynk IoT app


  •  In Widget Settings set the PIN you want to control (e.g. if your LED is connected to pin 7 – choose pin D7): Each Widget has it’s own settings. Tap on the widget to get to them.

widget button setting - Blynk IoT


  • Run the project

run the project -Blynk IoT app
Image credit and Information reference : www.blynk.cc

For more Information visit: www.blynk.cc






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