Controlling Arduino using Blynk via USB (IoT)

controlling arduino using blynk

controlling arduino using blynk

Controlling Arduino using Blynk :

In previous article 3 steps to build IoT applications with Blynk mobile app   , we discussed about how to set up Blynk mobile app for developing any application.

In current article we will go through Arduino controlling using Blynk mobile app via USB.

Blynk is application which provides us dashboard as well as connectivity over the internet for IoT. The app can be download from Google play store (for Android) & app store (for apple).By using blynk app you can control led from anywhere in world over internet. Help you get to safety immediately. If you don’t know about blynk then click here to know about it.


controlling arduino using blynkComponents Used


  1. Arduino Uno
  2. Android phone & computer.
  3. LED’s
  4. Latest Arduino ide
  • Blynk Setup
  1. Create the account on blynk application and email your token to your email account.
  2. Create the button and select pins on which led is connected.(select  pin 13 no at which default LED is connected ) for more help click herecontrolling arduino using blynkDownload Blynk library .
  1. unzip this zip file and copy it to program files/Arduino/ libraries.
  2. Then open Arduino ide go to “examples/blynk/bordandsheilds/” and open Arduino serial usb file/Sketch.
  3. Edit the sketch by entering YourAuthToken upload the sketch to your Arduino board.

Close the Arduino IDE and search blynk-ser.bat file in “Blynk-library\blynk-library\scripts” edit the line no. 6 enter your serial com no then run the file.

Now your arduino is connected to internet and you can control your I/O devices from blynk app by using button widget , here you can control arduino using Blynk.


Image credit : Blynk

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