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%G and cloud computing edge computing and impact

5G and Cloud computing

With the evolution of 5G technology after the 4G will be greatly boosting the capacity of various sectors and organizations.

Some business giants like Verizon and other US internet carriers have recently unveiled the 5G technology.

Furthermore, Huawei is the other company of the People’s Republic of China to enter into the same segment and it has started spreading the launching possibilities in various countries like Verizon and others.


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Fifth-generation internet technology will be working as the major booster of the market including the US, Europe, Japan and other emerging economies like China and India.

Some experts also believe that the 5G technology will also be working as disruptive but it’ll decide the future not our assumption perfectly. The major reason for their apprehensions is the cloud.

The wildly low latency in the 5G technology will help it in improving the speed of the network drastically in the future that gives us great hope.

With the assistance of the real-time control of robotics, we’ll be able to explore the new era of living. Remote surgery is one of the most common examples that can save the lives of patients drastically.


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What can we expect from 5G technology?

Here, we would like to introduce the concept of a layman about Fifth-Generation (5G) internet technology. It greatly assumes the 5G from its surprising speed and it drastically becomes true.

There is a huge difference between the 4G speed of the internet and 5G speed. 5G technology uses radio frequency (RF) waves for transmission purpose along with the receiving.

The astonishing speed of 5G is more than 20 Gbps down while 10 Gbps up. While during the iteration phase of the 4G, the speed was 150 Mbps down and 15 Mbps up. Hence, the speed difference can be easily assumed,

5G technology is offers groundbreaking decrease in latency evenly, where latency is known as the time taken for two devices on the system and thus can also react to each other.

The latency speed of the third generation technology was about 100 milliseconds while on the other side latency speed of the 4G is almost 30 milliseconds. Ultimately, the latency speed of the 5G is much lower compared to both and it becomes as low as 1 millisecond which is the major cause of the increasing speed of the internet.


What are the impacts of 5G over the cloud?


Cloud computing is one of the great used technologies these days and the 5G technology can play a vital role in entertaining this task effectively.

Hence, there can many arduous tasks of cloud computing be performed within seconds through the 5G. However, there are many hidden aspects of the 5G that will not be known until and unless the implementation in the enterprises or in the market.

Elimination of the latency considerably is a great feature of 5G technology which is known to all of us. If anyone wants to share a large file, he/she can share it through the cloud, where internet speed will boost sharing pace.

So if you have unfortunately missed the office, your colleague or you can mutually share the video file through the cloud that makes it simple. You can simply put it on the shared drive and after waiting for a while to upload, your co-worker will be notified once he/she receives the file. Hence, it can download the file after getting it on the device.



Most of the smart cities rely on the internet of things devices that helps in reducing traffic congestion.

Hence, 5G technology might be able to improve the efficient usage of the internet of things which is not confined just up to your refrigerator or washing machine.

Water distribution is another problem can be solved with the combination of the fifth-generation internet technology and IoT devices. Moreover, security and reducing the level of pollution are also other features of the 5G with IoT.

It should also be noted that agriculture is drastically using the internet of things devices for the efficient results of the crops that could enhance the food supply. 5G will also be improving the control of the autonomous and self-driving cars. Ultimately, the most important thing during the implementation of the particular technology is safety, environment-friendly, and sustainability,


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