Future of IoT || Internet of Things controls everything

Future IoT - Internet of Things in Future

Future of IoT (Internet of Things):

Everyone wants things to be done very fast and automatic. Now a day’s each one think about controlling of things remotely via internet i.e. Internet of things (IoT).

IoT sector will have exponential growth in future.
Cisco’s Study on Internet of Everything (IOE) USD 1.9 Trillion in the next decade.

According to world economic forum

“In 2016 ,This year has been quite a busy one for the internet of things (IoT), one of the most exciting opportunities for today’s enterprises.

IBM invested $3 billion in its IoT business unit. AT&T announced a record 1.6 million connected device net adds, including 1 million IoT-enabled cars, in Q3.

Earlier in the year, Samsung declared its commitment to connecting everything it sells by 2020, and General Motors shared that its OnStar 4G capabilities will generate $350 million in profit over the next three years”.

Above figures shows that too much job opportunity in future from IoT industry only.

Unlocking massive potential of IoT

  • Improved performance
  • Reduced cost
  • Create Innovative services
  • New revenue Stream
  • costs and increasing the

future IoT - Internet of Things in Future


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As IoT quickly becomes an imperative across industries and adoption continues to accelerate, companies will increasingly deliver services that generate new sustainable revenue sources while enhancing the experiences of their customers.

Thousands of businesses worldwide are already reaping IoT’s rewards, and 2016 will be the year that more companies join the IoT revolution.

Future of IoT mainly focuses on following things

  • IoT security
  • Industrial IoT
  • IoT Product
  • Data
  • Smart City
  • Data Analysis
  • Smart Healthcare

Future IoT is very bright considering all aspect from product development, data , security , life style , marketing ,banking, healthcare , all these sector will get main focus.

With this up to 2020 , there will too much skill manpower requirement in IoT industries to sustain in market.

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