How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is improving Cyber Security?

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security

Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the great inventions of this era which are not only contributing to various sectors like new startups and leading companies in making it advanced but also helping the Cyber Security sector with some exceptional benefits.

AI is clamoring all over the world in all aspects that commence from writing emails and height up to a new level of gaining revenues for the companies.

Most of the developed countries have drastically relied upon this technology and thousands of artificial companies are operated here.

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According to one stat of the year 2017, there will have about 50 million of jobs like to have automated until the year 2020 but the figures came different and quite surprising were about 5% of jobs stood to automated while rest of jobs are still to be automated.

On the other side, cyber security has drastically implemented this term and AI can save many hours of security teams removing any external threat as well at the same time. Moreover, other benefits will be received to the cyber security will be the patching networks and exclusion of the bogus positives.

The market of the cybersecurity has started to use Artificial Intelligence specifically for empowering teams to resolve various issues in no time through best foresight. Besides, these are also used for low value-added tasks in the cybersecurity market specifically.

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Menaces of Using Artificial Intelligence:

On the positive note, while artificial intelligence (AI) has drastically increased security management in an efficient manner, the technology has also some challenges need to be improved in the future adding some external devices or any other method into it.

In the year 2016, a study made by a specific organization for the Cyber Grand Challenge shows, the possibility of making fully automate should occur in the exploit production and attack launch.

Besides, ignoring automation, AI can also help attackers in searching the data with an accurate description at the same time as well. Another study shows the challenge of attacks through artificial intelligence-driven malware that simulates us frequently.

We’ve already seen in the past few years, how Artificial Intelligence is modifying the cybersecurity companies which are not enough in the contemporary scenario and they’re also suffering from the staff dilemmas.

Ultimately, it can be said that AI is a technology that can be implemented for the methods used by the enterprises to secure themselves or also mistreated by the attackers to make a threat on the security of enterprises as well.

It has been assumed that the controlling and setting preferences is a herculean task for the managers and according to a recent report for the security cases in the year 2019, more than 2200 vulnerability came into the light.

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As security threat for the companies allows hackers to steal the data and this menace is not an easier task to cover those vulnerabilities. Many enterprises have also started using many tools that can’t create any threat for them and thus it drastically work for them to manage those menaces.

Some additional methods such as scanning of security menaces can detect any risk for them in real-time. Many innovative start-ups have also started using artificial intelligence with some additional tools that make them invulnerable from hackers.

Besides, most of the big companies are proactively trying to manage their data with some great external tools accompanied by artificial intelligence to detect any threat or saving themselves from a high-risk vulnerability that can steal their data.

Moreover, some startups have also implemented machine learning with artificial intelligence that also provides them the information about the discussion between the hacker on the dark web at the same time when the vulnerability is likely to happen. Besides, the combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence also provides information about the hacker, vendor, and kind of vulnerability is likely to happen.

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Artificial Intelligence is a great achievement of the scientists and it has been using in various sectors from last few years and it has played a vital role in the development of these as well.

On the other side, due to weaker security possibilities, it has also the various security threats for enterprises so companies should not completely rely on this tool to manage the whole organization or company.

Some companies have taken steps of the implementation of some ideal tools to manage the security of the company so rest of the companies mostly should also take some measurements of the deployments of tools like machine learning to detect and remove security threats in real-time.

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