Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)- New Age of Healthcare

Internet of Medical things

IoMT – Internet of Medical Things


Better patient care and healthcare service made easier for the healthcare professionals, with IoMT or Internet of Medical Things, the healthcare sector is stepping into an new era. Smart devices have already entered the arena of health monitoring.

There are a variety of mobile applications and gears that monitor a person’s daily activities including sleep cycle, activity and nutrition intake.

IoMT will take this a step further. In addition to general information, patient specific information pertaining to an individual’s health risk and diseases will be automatically be gathered, logged and transferred to the physician.

This can help improve patient care by a manifold. Devices will be programmed to automatically schedule appointments with doctors after processing patient information.

Internet of Medical things benefits


Another possible application of IoMT will be smart beds. Manual monitoring of patients will no longer be required with smart beds that can automatically detect any patient movement. These will also ensure that adequate support is given to the patient according to requirement.

Medication dispensers are another probable application of IoMT. It will be easier than ever to keep track of a patient’s medicine intake. The team will automatically ne alerted if the medication is not administered on time.

Remote patient monitoring will ease the task of physicians. It will also ensure that a more comprehensive health record of the patient is maintained, which would otherwise have been impossible with the monthly visit to the doctor’s.

Internet of Medical things IoMT examples and market



Patient service is not the only section that will benefit from IoMT. Maintenance of medical equipments and medicine supplies will also become easier than ever. RFID tags integrated with the healthcare IT systems can solve this. Stock maintenance will also be made more efficient.

We haven’t even scratched the surface with these. There are more applications to be mentioned and discovered with the advent of IoMT. One of the few hurdles that the technology is still facing is security concerns about confidential patient information. But these issues will soon be overcome without doubt. And IoMT will become as important a part of healthcare as the physician himself.


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