IoT and Web of Things – Concept and difference between IoT vs WoT

IoT and Web of Things difference between iot vs wot

Introduction IoT and WoT

Internet of Things is a technology which makes an aggregate of already available technologies, web of things integrate all things to web, see more details of IoT and web of things below and difference between IoT and WoT (IoT vs WoT ).

Internet of things is a simple concept of basically controlling different devices by establishing a connection and communicating from a mobile app or web browser”.

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IoT Examples as per Applications

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IoT limitations

When you want to integrate devices from various manufacturers into a single application or system, you face difficulty during effective together communication of all connected Things.

It is challenging to build a single communication platform which acts seamlessly with many Things trying to communicate with one another in different ways.

Many developers tried to develop completely new platforms of communication where all devices can communicate effectively however, this is time-consuming.

Therefore, many experts believe we must use a platform that already exists…the World Wide Web.

This is where the WoT comes into play.


Web of Things (WoT)

The web is an already established system that can allow all Things to communicate with each other. The Web may be used as a type of application where all Things can communicate together in the most efficient manner.

The Web of Things (WoT) is a term used to describe approaches, software architectural styles and programming patterns that allow real-world objects to be part of the World Wide Web.

  • Similarly to what the Web (Application Layer) is to the Internet (Network Layer), the Web of Things provides an Application Layer that simplifies the creation of the Internet of Things
  • Rather than re-inventing completely new standards, the Web of Things reuses existing and well-known Web standards.


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IoT and Web of Things [ iot vs WoT ]

  • From the developers perspective, the WoT enables access and control over IoT resources and applications using mainstream web technologies (such as HTML 5.0, JavaScript, Ajax, PHP, Ruby n Rails, etc)
  • The approach to building WoT is therefore based on RESTful principles and REST API s, which enable s both developers and deployers to benefit from the popularity and maturity of web technologies.
  • Still, building the WoT has various scalability security etc challenges especially as part of a roadmap towards a global WoT.
  • While IoT is about creating a network of objects, things, people, system and applications, WoT tries to integrate them to Web.
  • Technically speaking WoT can be thought as flavor/Option of an application layer added over the IoT‘s network layer.
  • However, the scope of the Internet of things applications is broader and includes systems that not accessible through the web ( e.g. conventional WSN and RFID system)


Example Of Web of Things (WoT)

To illustrate how the Web of Things can deal with IoT limitations, let’s consider, the Smith, The owner of a famous hotel chain in several cities around the world.

Smith would like to digitally connect all the appliances in all the rooms of his hotels, so that he is able to monitor, control, and improve the management of his hotels from any place using a single Web-based “hotel control center” application.

At the same time, this system could also offer a more pleasant and personalized experience to each guest in his hotels, this can be done with Web of Things (WoT).

In the Web of Things (WoT), any device can be accessed using standard Web protocols.

Connecting different/diverse devices to the Web makes the integration across systems and applications much simpler.


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