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IoT Applications & Uses of Internet of Things

Internet of Things Applications, Latest IoT Applications Examples, Use cases 2018, 2019:

IoT Application sectors/Verticals contains the latest applications in the field of internet of things.

In this, you get to know Where the Internet of things can use and using IoT how you can simplify your life and surrounding.

Internet of Things makes our life ease and creating huge employment opportunities. Many can start taking the Internet of Things like a career option.

In this Internet of things Application verticals you get knows about applications such as Smart Home, i.e.Home automation, Smart Healthcare, Intelligent Transport system, Industrial IoT (IIoT), Smart city, smart waste management, IoT in agriculture, IoT in food Industry and many more.

Industry 4.0 is another buzz in the industry that also covered in this. In the fourth industrial revolution, IoT plays a key role.

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What is Beacon

What is Beacon and its technology?

Beacons are usually small standalone devices that are attached to walls or objects in the environment. The simplest beacons simply send out a signal to...
Connected cars

Connected Cars, Autonomous Vehicles and the Internet of Things

Connected and automated vehicles technologies are the most searched technologies in the automotive categories. This is the vehicle technology going to be...
Smart grids - transformers

What is Smart Grid?: Importance and Advantages of Smart Grids

What is Smart Grid? The smart grid is called as one of the best utilization in the computer intelligence...
IoT and Big Data Applications Transform our Smart Cities

How does IoT and Big Data Applications Transform our Smart Cities?

The IoT is an interrelated computing device, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs)...
Real World Use Cases of Blockchain technology

15 Real World Use Cases and Applications of Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is one of the most known terms nowadays for digital transactions but now it has not been limited for investing...
Transforming modern workplace

How IoT can transform the modern workplace?

Internet Of Things (IoT) is moving toward making one of the most talked topics in the industrial sector. Many of the companies have already...
Optimizing costs for Industrial Sector

How is IoT optimizing Costs for Industrial Sectors?

Use of the Internet of Things (IoT) in industrial sectors has been increased in the past few years.  Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is also...
Chatbots for the business

How does Chatbot boost your business?

Chatbots for the Business: Chatbots can do real conversation to the clients all the time that can be used with almost all reputed messaging apps.
FinTech - Financial Technology

How FinTech is transforming the finance industry in India?

Financial Technology abbreviated as FinTech, uses the software to provide various financial services to the companies. FinTech companies usually are created to disrupt the existing financial models to provide great services to its customers all the time
Hospitality Industry - Hotel Automation

IoT applications in Hospitality Industry

IoT is used in a lot of different areas to improve efficiency and provide a better customer experience. Homes are increasingly turning into smart...
Personal IoT Solutions

Personal IoT Solutions – create magic in your life

The personal IoT is dominated by the use of wearable and technological devices designed to be worn on body; they are used...
Smart Home with AI and IoT at IoTDunia

How to make your home a Smart Home with the help of AI and...

You can unlock your phone with the help of face-recognition feature which is based on artificial intelligence so that is the reason...
Top 6 stumbling blocks for Industrial IoT implementation

Top 6 stumbling blocks for Industrial IoT implementation

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices are getting installed at the lightning fast speed. A wide range of connected devices helps...
IoT in Education : Internet of things Applications in Education

IoT in Education: Internet of Things Applications, Benefits and Importance of IoT in Education

Internet of things in Education: A big change in technology has been seen in the past few decades that define the modern world. Additionally, great evolution...
Internet of things in Healthcare

Internet of things in Healthcare for Improved Disease Management

Internet of Things in Healthcare: Improved Disease Management that Provides Better Patient Experience Internet of Things (IoT) based healthcare systems play a key role in...