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IoT Applications & Uses of Internet of Things

Internet of Things Applications, Latest IoT Applications Examples ,Use cases 2018, 2019:

IoT Application sectors/Verticals contains latest applications in field of internet of things.

In this you get to know Where Internet of things can use and using of IoT how you can simplify your life and surrounding.

Internet of Things makes our life ease  and creating huge employment opportunities . Many can start taking Internet of Things as a career options.

In this Internet of things Application verticals you get knows about applications such as Smart Home i.e.Home automation, Smart Healthcare, Intelligent Transport system , Industrial IoT (IIoT), Smart city , smart waste management, IoT in agriculture, IoT in food Industry and many more.

Industry 4.0 is another buzz in industry that also covered in this. In fourth industrial revolution IoT plays key role.

IoT in Electrical Power Inustry

IoT in Electrical power Industry

IoT in Electrical power Industry :  The demand for electrical power is increasing with each passing day. Electrical power companies need innovative ways of increasing...
intelligent transport system

Intelligent Transport System-IoT in Traffic management

Internet Of Things In Domain Of Intelligent Transport System: Intelligent transport system (ITS) since known by all is an application of technologies such as the...
Enterprise IoT

Enterprise IoT (Internet of Things)

Enterprise IoT (Internet of Things) is the following headway in innovation that empowers physical ‘things’ with embedded computing devices (tiny computers) to take an...
Medical Alert system

Smart Medical Alert System – Help is just a button away!

Medical Alert System With a medical alert system, your beloved elderly people or those with a medical condition can live in their own homes safely...
temperature sensor

Temperature Sensors- For an Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications

 Temperature Sensors : Temperature of substance is measure of Heat (hotness or coldness) inside that substance. It is prime factor in Industry like pharmaceutical ,...
Industry 4.0- Smart Industry

Smart Industry with Industry 4.0 -The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 : The Internet of Things (IoT) & Industry 4.0 names for related concepts. These concepts do not have precise definitions. A very useful definition...
Manufacturing industry

IoT Application in Manufacturing Industry and Oil-Gas || IIoT

IoT Applications – Manufacturing Industry In Manufacturing Industry management of Asset, Networking and managing manufacturing equipment and controlling manufacturing process helped Internet of Thing to...
how to avoid medical emergencies


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Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT || Introduction

Industrial IoT :  also called IIoT The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a broad view of the Internet of Things (IoT) The application of the IoT to...
Smart Meters

Smart Meters :New way of measuring the consumption

Smart Meters : Measuring the consumption of Electricity , gas & water   Smart meters are a modern replacement for traditional meters used for measuring the consumption...
Top 6 stumbling blocks for Industrial IoT implementation

Top 6 stumbling blocks for Industrial IoT implementation

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) devices are getting installed at the lightning fast speed. A wide range of connected devices helps...

IIoT || Benefits, challenges and Future scope

  In previous article we discussed about Industrial IoT (IIoT) , IIoT protocols and examples, Let Click here  for previous article. Here we are going through IIoT benefits ,...
Internet of Things Applications

6 Cool Internet of Things Applications that You Should Know About

What is the Internet of Things? Imagine a world where each and every device in the car, workplace, and home are connected. A world where...
Smart Agriculture using IoT

Smart Agriculture using IoT – Smart Farming

Smart Agriculture using IoT  Smart Agriculture using IoT is all about saving water, increasing efficiency and reducing the environmental impacts of ornamental plant production practices! Smart agriculture...
IoT in Education : Internet of things Applications in Education

IoT in Education: Internet of Things Applications, Benefits and Importance of IoT in Education

Internet of things in Education: A big change in technology has been seen in the past few decades that define the modern world. Additionally, great evolution...