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IoT In Industry (IIoT)

IoT in Industry .Here you get more information about Industrial IoT (IIoT) i.e Smart Industry, Industry 4.0 and its technologies. Introduction , applications of IIoT also cover here.

Network Edge devices and network

Network Edge boosting ladder to the IIoT World

Network Edge and IIoT: The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most significant trends in technology today. A melding of innovations in the fields...
Industry 4.0- Smart Industry

Industry 4.0 -Industry with the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Industry 4.0 :                   The Internet of Things (IoT) & Industry 4.0 names for related concepts. These concepts...
Manufacturing industry

IoT Application in Manufacturing Industry and Oil-Gas || IIoT

IoT Applications – Manufacturing Industry In Manufacturing Industry management of Asset, Networking and managing manufacturing equipment and controlling manufacturing process helped Internet of Thing to...

Industrial Internet Things || Industrial IoT – Brief Overview

IIOT (Industrial Internet of Thing or Industrial Internet Things both are same ) Let’s first understand what is meant by Internet of Thing, it is...
temperature sensor

Temperature Sensors- For an Industrial IoT (IIoT) applications

 Temperature Sensors : Temperature of substance is measure of Heat (hotness or coldness) inside that substance. It is prime factor in Industry like pharmaceutical ,...
Benefits of IIoT - Industrial Internet of Things Benefits

Benefits of IIoT – its challenges and Future scope

Benefits of IIoT - its challenges and Future scope In the previous article, we discussed Industrial IoT (IIoT), IIoT protocols and examples.  If you missed...
Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT – Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Industrial IoT- Internet of Things in Industry The Industrial IoT (IIoT) is a broad view of the Internet of Things (IoT). The application of the...

Latest in Internet of Things

Different types of sensors

What is a Sensor and What are the different types of Sensors?

What is a Sensor? The sensor is known as the device used for the detection of the electrical or physical measures as an answer to...
AI and Data Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Ultimate Data Security Enhancer

Data security to get smart with AI: How fairly do you remember the first time “artificial intelligence” was used? The concept of AI has always...
Internet of Things in Manufacturing

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Manufacturing Industry

Internet of Things in Manufacturing: Increasing manufacturing demand is becoming a common concern among most of the enterprises. It has also been seen in the...
Industrial IoT and Smart factories

Industrial IoT System for Smart factories

Industrial IoT and Smart Factories: The Industrial Internet of Things referred to as Industry 4.0  or IIoT for short is the integration of...
Smart school and Smart classroom

How is IoT changing today’s school and classroom Smart?

Smart school and Smart classroom and IoT: School days for people are one of the most important time-period of their lives that they talk most....
IoT in Field Service Management

IoT applications in Field Service Management

IoT in Field Service Management: The importance of the internet of things has been increased now that most of the organizations want to implement it...
climate change and IoT

How IoT can protect our homes and cities from climate change?

Climate Change and IoT: Climate change has been deemed as one of the most common and dreadful events for the humanitarian crisis which is unstoppable....
Amazon and IoT Technology

How Amazon is Integrating IoT technology for Better Consumer Solutions

Amazon’s almost always on the headlines when it comes to technological innovations and implementations of the same. Amazon and IoT Technology. It’s the same now,...
Livestock Monitoring and Farming

How IoT is changing Livestock Monitoring and Farming?

IoT based Livestock Monitoring and Farming: Nowadays, most of the companies are seeking to adopt automated monitoring systems for efficient operations. Automated systems are drastically...
Facility Management

IoT applications in Facility Management

IoT applications in Facility Management New opportunities have continuously been discovering for home integration which will help in the evolution of a brand new concept...