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IoT Basics gives you details about What is IoT ,Internet of Things (IoT) Tutorial for Beginners.

Here you will Learn about basics concepts in Internet of things like what is IoT ? , Why we need IoT ? IoT examples , Basics of IOT networking, Overview of IoT applications, questions, description of devices, platforms, tools for IoT and many more.

Internet of Things basic- involve description of devices, platforms ,tools for IoT also.

For your easy understanding we kept here Internet of Things Basics in Questions & Answers format.

following you can find here

What is IoT ? with examples
Examples of IoT
How does IoT works?
IoT Bringing physical digital together
Future of IoT
Machine 2 Machine (M2M)
Internet of Everything (IoE)
What is IPv4 and IPv6 ? || IPv4 vs IPv6
What is an API ? – Making Things Easier for Developers
IoT vs M2M communication ! Are they really same?
IoT and Web of Things (WoT) : understanding concept and differences  
Cloud Computing : IoT Cloud

Start your journey with IoT, we are here to help you to develop your Internet of Things.

Here you will also get to know about Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and its applications with Internet of Things.

You will learn How ‘Internet of things and Blockchain’ or ‘Intenet of Things and Artificial Intelligence’ or ‘Internet of Things and Machine learning’ combine and come with new possibility that not possible with any single technology.

You also get to know about Career opportunities in ‘IoT sector’ and other technology sector to start professional journey.

Here you can check different IoT Companies  as per their services/ product.

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Smart Home with AI and IoT at IoTDunia

How to make your home a Smart Home with the help of AI and...

You can unlock your phone with the help of face-recognition feature which is based on artificial intelligence so that is the reason...
Applications of Blockchain in Internet of Things


Blockchain is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records i.e. blocks. Each block contains a...
AI machine learning and IoT

Looking to the future with AI machine learning and IoT

Artificial intelligence is slowly becoming more mainstream. In the near future, we will be able to see it touching every part of our lives....
IoT with AI

Opportunities for IoT with AI

Internet of Things with Artificial Intelligence ( IoT with AI ) : Artificial Intelligence (AI) : Artificial Intelligence is nothing but the creation of intelligent machines...
GSM and GPRS - Difference between GSM and GPRS

GSM and GPRS : What exactly these are ? Difference between both

Understanding GSM and GPRS: GSM:  GSM and GPRS Image credit: wilkernet/Pixabay GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communication. GSM is nothing but the digital mobile telephony system...
Open Source

What is Open Source ? Difference between Open source and Proprietor software (close source)?

What is Open source?  The term ' open source ' refers to something people can alter and share because its design can be access by...
IoT and Web of Things

IoT and Web of Things (WoT) -Understanding concept & differences

Introduction: Internet of Things is a technology which makes an aggregation of already available technologies. IoT and Web of Things. It is a simple concept of...
difference IoT M2M communication - IoT vs M2M

Difference between IoT and M2M communication ! Are the same?

IoT vs M2M: We’ve heard a lot about the Internet of Things (IoT) and all its advantages, benefits for adopters, product developers and service providers...

Cybercrime a trending issue of Digital World || Cyber Security

 Cybercrime: Trending issue of Digital World Cybercrime are done by making use of Computer Network & Devices which include FRAUD &IDENTITY THEFT. These are examples...
IoE Internet of Everything

Internet of Everything (IoE)

Internet of Everything : Internet of Everything (IoE) is not exactly equal to internet of things. The term is somewhat synonymous with the Internet of Things...
M2M communication

What is M2M? Defination, Key components, Applications & Benefits

M2M - Machine to Machine Communication: To understand M2M communication, check below example If your vehicle could talk. Like I’m on time for delivery. I’m driving too...
IoT Examples - Internet of Things applications Examples

IoT Examples-Top 7 examples of Internet of Things applications in daily life

IoT examples: Explained as per Applications Following are top 7 IoT examples as per different application areas if you want to know about the basics...
iot bringing physical digital together

IoT Bringing Physical Digital together

IoT Bringing physical digital together : Contact, connection, association and communication is what sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom. The ability...
iot devices smart

How exactly are IoT devices smart? | Smart Devices

IoT Devices are Smart Devices- How? The Internet of Things in short we can term “IoT” . We say IoT devices are smart but in...
Future IoT - Internet of Things in Future

Future of IoT – Internet of Things controls everything

Future of IoT (Internet of Things): Everyone wants things to be done very fast and automatic. Now a day’s each one thinks about controlling things...

Latest in Internet of Things

AI and Data Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Ultimate Data Security Enhancer

Data security to get smart with AI: How fairly do you remember the first time “artificial intelligence” was used? The concept of AI has always...
Internet of Things in Manufacturing

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Manufacturing Industry

Internet of Things in Manufacturing: Increasing manufacturing demand is becoming a common concern among most of the enterprises. It has also been seen in the...
Industrial IoT and Smart factories

Industrial IoT System for Smart factories

Industrial IoT and Smart Factories: The Industrial Internet of Things referred to as Industry 4.0  or IIoT for short is the integration of...
Smart school and Smart classroom

How is IoT changing today’s school and classroom Smart?

Smart school and Smart classroom and IoT: School days for people are one of the most important time-period of their lives that they talk most....
IoT in Field Service Management

IoT applications in Field Service Management

IoT in Field Service Management: The importance of the internet of things has been increased now that most of the organizations want to implement it...
climate change and IoT

How IoT can protect our homes and cities from climate change?

Climate Change and IoT: Climate change has been deemed as one of the most common and dreadful events for the humanitarian crisis which is unstoppable....
Amazon and IoT Technology

How Amazon is Integrating IoT technology for Better Consumer Solutions

Amazon’s almost always on the headlines when it comes to technological innovations and implementations of the same. Amazon and IoT Technology. It’s the same now,...
Livestock Monitoring and Farming

How IoT is changing Livestock Monitoring and Farming?

IoT based Livestock Monitoring and Farming: Nowadays, most of the companies are seeking to adopt automated monitoring systems for efficient operations. Automated systems are drastically...
Facility Management

IoT applications in Facility Management

IoT applications in Facility Management New opportunities have continuously been discovering for home integration which will help in the evolution of a brand new concept...
Indoor Positioning System

What is Indoor Positioning System and its Uses?

What is Indoor Positioning System (IPS)? An Indoor positioning system shortly known as IPS is a form of purpose that can locate the people or...