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Internet of Everything (IoE) - People, Process and IoT

Internet of Everything (IoE) is the concept of bringing people, process, data and things together.

In Internet of Everything(IoE), these four i.e People, process, data and things are connected together with network.

IoE is some what different from Internet of Things (IoT).

In Internet of Things, Physical objects get connected with the help of network to receive and analyse the data. But IoT not include people and process.

So IoE comes in picture with People , Process and IoT.

First Cisco comes with IoE concept. They are targeting this sector with new business approach.

Cisco predicts that $4.6 trillion of value will be “at stake”in the public sector over the next decade, driven by “connecting the unconnected” through the Internet of Everything.

These connection can be anything like Machine to Machine (M2M), Machine to People (M2P) and People to People (P2P).

IoE will generate more value of Stack to Public Sector.

Following are areas IoE impact more,

  1. Employee Productivity – it improves labor efficiency for new and existing services
  2. Cost Reduction – leading to reduced operational costs
  3. Citizen experience– improve the environment and generate better health outcomes
  4. Increase Revenue– ability to meet expectation of Supply and demand also enhancing compliance and monitoring.

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