IoT in Education: Applications, Benefits and Importance

IoT in Education : Internet of things Applications in Education

Internet of things in Education:

A big change in technology has been seen in the past few decades that define the modern world.

Additionally, great evolution of converting the virtual and physical world into the Internet of Things is just initiated and effectively it has been increasing day by day.

  • The education sector is not far from it and the Internet of Things (IoT) is drastically helping in making it the collaborative, secure and agile learning. And the future of IoT in the education sector looks sturdier and stable consider the predictions of its growth in the technological world.
  • Some experts have been predicted the unexpected growth of the Internet of Things by 2020, more than 25 billion things will be joining it. The sustainable development of the IoT also grabbed the attraction of the government and it has also been planned to open an IoT research centre.
  • There are many experts invited from nine universities of the UK that will bring advancement in the IoT research and training in the country.
    However, marketing expenditures are also the evident witness of its substantial development and International Data Corporation (IDC) declared its reach more than 7 trillion US Dollar by 2020.


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Benefits of IoT in Education:

1. In-School Management :

It is helping the education sector efficiently in completing the regular tasks. So school management and teachers are able to focus on teaching because manual methods take considerable time in completing these tasks.

For e.g., using the Internet of Things devices, there is no need to take the take attendance of the students manually because IoT enabled devices can detect the presence of students in schools without using the human effort and thus there is a lot of time can be saved by the teachers and they can utilize this time in providing more time to the students.

2. Safety of Students:

With the Internet of Things-enabled identity card helps the staffs, teachers & students and visitors can also be tracked using these devices. These also help the vehicles tracking their locations and saving the last spot in the server.

The identity cards are the wristbands that also help you in the cashless payment making your wallet digital. Thus these are able to identify devices, sensors & monitors managing the sensitive and non-sensitive data efficiently. Most of the schools’ buses are GPS enabled that makes the journey safer to the students.

3. Data Collection and Real-Time Analysis:

Students use the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) device to track any tangible thing. Most of the schools now insist on automatic data analysis implementing the application based on the cloud. Using such devices, the weather conditioned can be ignored and they become able to get the richer learning experience by the real insights.

4. Advancing the Textbooks:

With the help of Quick Response codes, homework and supplementary sources of study can be made easily. The Internet of Things (IoT) increases the interest of students in reading books as well as new subjects. Most of the students will already have a smartphone with the QR reader that has many uses in the classroom.

The internet of Things makes the task of students of transforming the text into a digital form easily. We can also say that the IoT is the nervous system of the schools that play a vital role in creating the smart lesson plans providing them with the best security.

Thus the Internet of Things is considered as the state of the art methods of managing the classrooms and schools as well.


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Importance of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Education:

The present era is technological as similar as today’s children are so becoming the education system smart with running with the present scenario is of great importance for the schools and colleges.

Internet of Things is not only playing a vital role in many other sectors like; business, communication, infrastructure, and consumer sectors but it has also been proved crucial for the smart schools in making the education system smart.

Here we are mentioning the main aspects that are considered vital for making our education system smart and interesting to the kids and helpful for the students in colleges now:


1. Safe and sound learning environment:

A safe and sound learning environment should also be considered by the school management for the students. Sensors, HQ cameras, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), and IoT enabled devices provides a safe environment for the students, parents, and teachers as well by the proper monitoring of the campus.

These devices send instant notification to the authority in time so that unexpected threat can be avoided.


2. Enhanced communication:

IoT makes the teacher enabled for tracking the various activities of the students by which they can provide the home tasks to the students. They can also track the performance of every student using various online tools.

Thus IoT helps the teachers in making a strong communication with the students assigning them the befitted educational task. Students can also communicate with their teachers using the IoT enabled device and thus they can also improve their performances.


3. Connecting to the globe:

Smartpens and smart markers are the great IoT enabled tools that make the journey of learning of a student easier. Besides, there are many other IoT enables devices that can connect you from the various teachers, mentors, and peers across the globe with smooth communication.

There are various digital scanners that can help in transforming the manual text into the digital text at an incredible speed. Students can now easily response and acknowledge the problems they have encountered using IoT enabled devices all the time.


4. Smartboards:

Various web-based tools and programs make the students able to learn the lesson in an emphatic manner without using the chalks and traditional blackboards or usual marker and boards.

Smartboards are interactive boards that enhance the learning experience of students than traditional teaching techniques.


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The Internet of Things (IoT) has greater importance for the education to make the learning experience smart and enhanced for the students. It can reshuffle the geographical location of an individual providing more transformations in the education sectors.

Thus IoT is making the transforming the education sector and providing the safe and sound learning environment for the students. Our understanding of learning can also be enhanced using IoT devices in the education system.


Let us know what you think about IoT applications in the Education i.e Smart education system in the comment section below.


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