Home IoT Projects for Beginners using Arduino, raspberry Pi, Sensors and IoT platform

IoT Projects for Beginners using Arduino, raspberry Pi, Sensors and IoT platform

IoT Projects for Students: Mini & Simple IoT Projects Ideas 2019

Looking for IoT Project to build 2019.

IoTDunia is the best place to find all information to build IoT projects for  CSE, ECE, EEE and Mechanical engineering students.

Internet of Things projects give you details about Do It Yourself (DIY) projects in Internet of Things.

Here you get Top Internet of Things Projects that you can do yourself , Projects listed here are fully tested and gives 100 percent result.

Project source code published here also checked by author and then only published here.

Projects at IoTDunia can use as Mini Projects and final year Projects at your college.

You can find Arduino base Projects ,raspberry Pi Projects , IoT platform projects , Traffic controller Project and many more.

You can build Internet of Things projects without using Hardware with help of fritzing software. More details and how to use check Fritzing Software tool : Sketch out Circuits || No need of Hardware .

You can also list your projects with your name here , for more details contact us.



iot product development

Build your IoT product with SensiEDGE BLE and Cloudthing

Ready-to-use full-stack IoT solution: Don't worry about the Tech Getting Started your IoT Product  development with SensiEDGE BLE & CloudThing middleware:   SensiEDGE’s “IoT Hardware Ready” and...
arduino smoke detector CO measurement

Arduino Smoke Detector | Using MQ-7 Smoke Sensor (CO measuremnt)

Arduino Smoke Detector Carbon monoxide (CO) has been called the "silent" or "invisible killer" because it is a scentless, colorless, and tasteless toxic gas. It...
Connect IoT module IBM Watson

5 Steps to Connect SensiBLE IoT module to IBM Watson

5 Steps Connect SensiBLE IoT Module IBM Watson: In my previous article, I discussed the SensiBLE IoT module, its detailed feature and how will it...

Arduino Traffic Light Controller || IoT Project

Traffic light controller : Traffic signal is one of those elements that, for every commuter, seem to be part of everyday life. Wherever there are more number of cars, there will probably be one...
distance measurement

Distance Measurement using Arduino and Ultrasonic Sensor

Distance Measurement using Arduino: There is number of applications that require to measure distance between two moving or stationary objects like water level measurement, distance...
bearbot-universal remote

Bearbot – It’s control Everything | IoT Sign Language

Bearbot : A lively universal remote control In today’s trend remote has become a common access to all the devices be it from the different...
Temperature Humidity measurement

Temperature Humidity Measurement using Arduino

Temperature Humidity measurement: Introduction: Temperature and Humidity are common parameters to be measured. In this project we are going to measure temperature and humidity by using...

Arduino based LED BarGraph || IoT Project

LED BarGraph: The LED bargraph - a series of LEDs in a line, such as you see on an audio display - is a common hardware display...
Arduino LED Blink Project

Arduino LED Blink Project : Getting start to IoT Projects

Arduino LED Blink Project: This example shows the simplest thing you can do with an Arduino to see physical output: it blinks the on-board LED.   Hardware...

Latest in Internet of Things

AI and Data Security

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Ultimate Data Security Enhancer

Data security to get smart with AI: How fairly do you remember the first time “artificial intelligence” was used? The concept of AI has always...
Internet of Things in Manufacturing

Internet of Things (IoT) Applications in Manufacturing Industry

Internet of Things in Manufacturing: Increasing manufacturing demand is becoming a common concern among most of the enterprises. It has also been seen in the...
Industrial IoT and Smart factories

Industrial IoT System for Smart factories

Industrial IoT and Smart Factories: The Industrial Internet of Things referred to as Industry 4.0  or IIoT for short is the integration of...
Smart school and Smart classroom

How is IoT changing today’s school and classroom Smart?

Smart school and Smart classroom and IoT: School days for people are one of the most important time-period of their lives that they talk most....
IoT in Field Service Management

IoT applications in Field Service Management

IoT in Field Service Management: The importance of the internet of things has been increased now that most of the organizations want to implement it...
climate change and IoT

How IoT can protect our homes and cities from climate change?

Climate Change and IoT: Climate change has been deemed as one of the most common and dreadful events for the humanitarian crisis which is unstoppable....
Amazon and IoT Technology

How Amazon is Integrating IoT technology for Better Consumer Solutions

Amazon’s almost always on the headlines when it comes to technological innovations and implementations of the same. Amazon and IoT Technology. It’s the same now,...
Livestock Monitoring and Farming

How IoT is changing Livestock Monitoring and Farming?

IoT based Livestock Monitoring and Farming: Nowadays, most of the companies are seeking to adopt automated monitoring systems for efficient operations. Automated systems are drastically...
Facility Management

IoT applications in Facility Management

IoT applications in Facility Management New opportunities have continuously been discovering for home integration which will help in the evolution of a brand new concept...
Indoor Positioning System

What is Indoor Positioning System and its Uses?

What is Indoor Positioning System (IPS)? An Indoor positioning system shortly known as IPS is a form of purpose that can locate the people or...