IoT Weather Station Using Node-Red as MQTT Broker

IoT Weather Station

Weather Station Using Node-Red as MQTT Broker :


The primary goals of this project to measure the temperature and humidity inside the room and then display this information on a server, including present time and date. Through this project I can also display the information as temperature and relative humidity outside the room.

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Working Principle and Methodology:

In this project I choose a very low cost temperature and humidity sensor DHT11 . It basically consist of  a capacitive humidity sensor and a thermistor  and this sensor also have the capability to convert the analog to digital signal as a form of temperature and humidity, and this sensor has three pin data pin,Vcc,and Gnd which is connected to the NodeMcu Esp8266 pins D4,Vcc and Gnd respectively. After completion of hardware connection I setups the Node-Read as MQTT broker where publish the data of temperature and humidity and I also write down the program on Arduino Id platform. After completion programming I install this on Node Mcu .Bellow I provide serially some picture according to the working principle.


1) Hardware Connection Diagram:

IoT Weather Station - Connection DiagramDHT11 sensor and its connection with NodeMcu - IoT Weather Station


2) Programming:

Programming - IoT weather Station


3) Serial Monitor:

Serial Monitor - IoT weather Station


4) Node-Read Flows Setup:


Node-Red flow - IoT weather Station

5) Publish Temperature And Humidity:

Result - IoT weather Station


In above image you can see result in the form of Temperature and Humidity .


Co-author & Guide – Sanjay Ambekar


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