What are the Emerging Jobs in IoT? Is IoT good career and what are the career opportunities in it?

jobs in IoT

Emerging Jobs in IoT:

Internet of Things is one of the most used and implemented common terms by the companies.

There are a lot of jobs like IoT product manager, IoT architect, industrial data scientist, robot engineer available for IoT learners.

Before choosing a career in IoT, one should be acquainted with the qualification and specialization needed in each stage of the recruitment process.

Various skills like electronics, electrical, and instrumentation are needed in recruiting an IT professional.

These are the skills needed for manufacturing the IoT devices while on the other side UI / UX knowledge is required for the mobile app development.

The internet of things jobs will also seek knowledge in .net, big data, Hadoop, and java. However, the smart home is a new concept in

India where IoT has been using drastically nowadays. Some other sectors like healthcare and automobile are the big market for the internet of things.

There are the various following opportunities for IoT professionals –
• Data analytics
• Sensors and actuators specialist
• Software engineer
• Embedded application engineer
• UI and Cell jobs

Data analytics:

A skilled IoT professional is much required for the companies because they play a significant role in developing and growing an IoT application.

Analytics tools enable the business to join multiple databases like volume, driving revenue, competitive edge, structure, streaming analytics, time series analytics etc.

Healthcare is a growing sector where the utilization of data analytics in IoT based related applications is increasing drastically and this growth will also be elongated in future.

Sensors and actuators specialist:

In most of the automated solutions, the sensors are used to exchange the live data to a digitally connected system.

If IoT developer obtains detailed knowledge of working of sensors and integration into a powered-architecture, they will have a great chance of becoming a sensors and actuators specialist.

This stage of IoT expanding day by day which is also including some other things like water level detectors, air quality sensors, robotic camera system etc. So with the inclusion of these things, the process of collecting data from the environment or recipient is going to be smarter.

The evolvement of the jobs will also be increased in future with the evolving IoT technology.

Software engineer:

Internet of Things is continuously improving the innovative technologies every day where artificial intelligence is one of the most appraised introduced technologies in the past years.

There are many jobs available for the IT professionals in India but one who has knowledge of IoT can make double earning than it.

A study shows that an IoT software professional get an average salary of 15-16 lakh while a normal software IT engineer only gets its half of the salary.

Embedded application engineer:

It is very important to be skilled in wireless solutions and embedded systems with the proper functionalities for the IoT engineers to get a great job of an embedded application engineer in the IT sector.

Embedded application engineer must have to know to handle some complex tasks like designing software with command over the system response. These engineers execute software in some electronics application that has now become an integral component of daily lives.

Embedded application engineers are responsible for the various functions like knowledge of exact requirements, designing and ascertaining the actual needs to meet and operating smoothly as well as testing.

UI and Cell jobs:

Nowadays everyone has a smartphone and most of the people prefer doing their tasks with it.

An IoT plays a vital role in the development of modern days electronic gadgets so most of the manufacturers seek the IoT professionals and this demand is increasing day by day so great chances are available for the developers with a lucrative salary option.

However, you should have a great knowledge of user interface for becoming a successful internet of things professional. It has also been predicted that there will be more than 3-time IoT devices available in the world by 2020 compared to that time population, therefore, the number of jobs will also increase exponentially.


Altogether, there are many exciting opportunities for the internet of things learner nowadays and the good news is; it will be obviously increased in the future as expected by some experts.

You should have a great knowledge of software and hardware if you expect a good salary by an IT company.

Connectivity and compatibility are the two major terms that are intricated in the hardware used. Developers, creating platforms and systems are the other skills that should possess by any IoT professional to grooming its career in a great way.

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