Smart Medical Alert System – Help is just a button away!

Medical Alert system

Medical Alert System

With a medical alert system, your beloved elderly people or those with a medical condition can live in their own homes safely and independently, as the help is just a button away!

For many elderly people it is a real stress to think about leaving their homes and moving to another location, and as a result, they prefer living in their own homes far from their beloved caregivers. Here arises another source of stress: homes become really dangerous zones for a lot of elderly as there is a possibility that they would not be able to reach for help whenever needed.

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As a result, both the elderly and their caregivers start to live in a constant worry, meanwhile, the statistics ground this fear: researches come to prove that falls and dramatic changes in health are rather popular among the elderly.

To be more exact, statistics show that one in three people aged 65 or more fall each year meanwhile the number grows in parallel to the age of the patient) and may often lead to situations which cause limited action accessibility, let alone the cases when the elderly hits his head and loses his consciousness.

For the other hand, elderly people more than others are likely to experience dramatic changes in health :as a consequence of an illness, they often start to feel bad, and what is more important, such situations, as a rule, require quick actions and delays may worth lives.

Fortunately, technological changes have brought forward a number of innovative products that increasingly boost the level of safety by means of making the transfer of information much easier.

One of the most efficient products that has had a huge impact on the increase of safety and comfort of the elderly are the medical alert systems. Being designed for elderly and/or disabled people these innovative systems are made up of a wearable pendant or bracelet with a button and a base unit.

Whenever the wearer feels the need, s/he presses the button, upon which a wireless connection is established between the base unit and the pendant and the call is automatically forwarded to the to the call centre, which works 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The operator, armed with all the necessary information and knowledge, provides some useful advice and guidance as a first aid in accordance with the situation and upon the need an ambulance is sent to the location. According to the initial regulations and in case needed an additional connection may be made to the relatives of the elderly people, who may even happen to be in the next room, and still unavailable the wearer has a difficulty in establishing a contact with them.

But the above mentioned is not yet the most important innovative feature of medical alert systems from the practical point of view: modern medical alert systems come with additional features like fall detection system and GPS availability, which guarantee  the safety of the elderly even in the cases when the s/he runs an active lifestyle or when the wearer faces a severe and fatal occasion.

The fall detection system, does not require the user to press the button to make a connection with the call center, but the device detects the falls and takes steps even if the condition of the elderly has limited the mobility of the person and he is not able to press the button.

He other innovative feature, GPS location monitoring service, comes to complement the first one and makes it possible for the assistance to find the elderly and locate the help. Thus, in case your device has these features enabled, you are sure to benefit from the device regardless to your place and condition.

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Being irreplaceable for those, who are at risk of suffering from a stroke or heart attack, or are likely to fall down medical alert systems may serve a great assistance in case of other, less predictable emergency situations as well, such as earthquakes, fires, etc.

Thus, medical alert systems have managed to became an integral part of many families obviously increasing their quality of life, providing peace of mind and sense of security both for young adults and their beloved ones.

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