IoT Project Competition – 30 Sept 2018 Submission

Guidelines for September 2018 — Project Competition :

IoT Project Competation

Feature Image Credit : Tomasz_Mikolajczyk/Pixabay


1. Mini Project competition – this is mini IoT project competition, you should make & submit  project that will  complete maximum one month duration
2. No Hardware need to submit , only project brief/summary and Video (details given below) need to            send on IoTDunia official mail id ( .
3. Project submission include Project Summary in word format along with out put Video
4. Submit two to three pages Project summary with at least two images , one image – project setup , 2nd image- output
5. Video of project demonstration is compulsory.
6. Project should not copy from other website
7. Copycat projects will not consider for evaluation
8. Unique project will get extra advantage compare to other

Project Summary :

>About Project
>Project RequirementComponent used
Circuit Diagram ( for circuit diagram use online circuit designing tool like )
>Result – Include output image

Refer :
Refer :

Video : 1 to 3 min project demonstration including output of project
Note: It is not neccesary to discuss about Project in video – you can record project

during runing   and show details by putting comment in video to understand
video size is not more than 18 MB

If you have query send us mail on

Please submit your project on or before 30 September 2018 to

*After evaluation final result will display on website ( that will be final. Final call reserved to IoTDunia.

IoTDunia Project Competition