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IoT fast news

Today’s IoT Fast News :

Let see about IoT fast News

1. Intro to IoT : 9 major keys to the Internet of Things

We all know about IoT  , Here at IoT, you get to know about 9 different keys to the Internet of Things. These keys are Safety and security, Wellness, On-Demand & Streaming services, Augmented & Virtual Reality , Geo-fencing, Bluetooth connectivity, and Predictive Analysis. Read more in details below.

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2. Smart Farming: This Startup has new irrigation method

One of the biggest challenge for agriculture / Farming is Irrigation . In India , farmers generally use drip or sprinkler system , which typically over irrigate crop or wastage of water . This over irrigate affect final yield . Lots of farmers face a common problem of shortage of water and use it effectively  , Bangalore base startup introduce the ingenious method of irrigation using just app.

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3.  Cybersecurity in IoT : Achieving Digital Security In age of Surveillance

In the age of Internet of Things , all things are connected & they exchange information among them . This information is stored . Here to keep information secure , Cybersecurity plays key role.  Cybersecurity improves and become more secure using BlockChain technology . How this get done , read more below.

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4.  Industry 4.0 in 2017 – a quick look at the powerful 7

Emerging trends like hybrid cloud , digital twins ,etc arrive in Industry 4.0 .  Industry 4.0 expert Stefanie Peitzker recapping highlights at year end. The powerful seven includes  hybrid cloud, digital twins, Converging value stream , open standards and open protocols, greenfield projects, data analytics and Industry 4.0 in 2018.

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5. Five Key IIoT Prediction for 2018 : Collaboration, Customer Success, edge computing and more

As per Grand View Research  , The Global IoT market will reach to $933 billion by 2025 .  Sastri Malladi, CTO  of FogHorn System predicted about IIoT in 2018 , Here he predicated five Key things about IIoT in 2018.

Five key things include momentum foe edge analytics and edge intelligence in IIoT , Business cases and ROI for IIoT, Customer Success, IT and OT collaboration and Edge Computing .

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