How is Voice chat taking over Consumer Mobile Apps for better business?

voice chat for business

Consumer Mobile IoT Apps are Dying – Voice Chat is Taking Over


As mobile users, we’ve seen a huge shift in how we use our phones. Mobile applications have been replaced by chatbots that connect us to brands like never before. It’s no wonder that more and more apps are now shutting down as companies turn to this new mobile experience. Voice Chat has proven to be a more “sticky” app with consumers, offering real utility and value. As mobile browsers become more complex, users are tapping their fingers less on their mobile screens. Instead, they’re communicating with brands by talking to their devices.


Technologies around the whole internet chat obsession have evolved at eye-watering speeds. When we look back at when the online chat craze began in the 1990’s – Yahoo Chat & MSN, for example, when text-based chat rooms were then at the forefront of the industry, it’s hard to comprehend just how complexed chat functionality is today when we fast-forward to 2023.



Here are some reasons Voice Chat has taken over and consumer mobile IoT apps are dying.


1. Voice Chat is More Reliable

If you’ve ever experienced a broken or lost connection with your internet connection, then you know the struggle of receiving a phone call on WhatsApp. While reaching for your phone to sort out the problem is inconvenient, voice chats don’t have that problem. They are also much more reliable than video calls; medical studies show that 40% of all communication in today’s world are recorded via voice chat apps. Since they are used frequently, they must be more reliable than the conventional way of communicating with your loved ones. More and more people are creating a new way of communicating when they voice chat online, and Consumer Mobile IoT Apps are slowly going the way of the dinosaur.


2. Better for Groups and Multiple Conversations

Since you can have multiple conversations at one time, Voice Chat is better for Businesses. It’s the new way to connect with customers and interact authentically with them. In addition, voice chat allows you to create content and build long-term relationships with your consumers in a free-flowing conversation. A voice chatbot serves as an agent for your company, disarming visitors before they reach the pain points of a traditional support center. Offering a simple way to connect, it’s a customer-friendly gesture that will keep people coming back for more. According to a study by Adobe, more than 70% of consumers prefer interacting with brands in real time. With IoT Voice chat, that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do.


3. Voice Chat is More Personalized

Customers don’t want to be talking with a chatbot that sounds like a robot. They’re used to an agent that speaks in their style, even if it takes them to some detail about your business. The personal tone and style of voice chat make building relationships with consumers much easier. Most importantly, the experience is always “on brand,” which makes consumers feel more comfortable. Consumers even have the option to speak in their language by subscribing to a language pack. Reviews from those who have used voice chat apps are always positive because the experience is more predictable and reliable. Several companies are now expanding how they communicate with their customers, turning to Voice Chat.


4. Voice Chat is Safer

After growing to 4 billion users, no one wants their privacy to be exposed by a robot that speaks in their style. Voice chat apps always offer a safe and private environment for consumers who can choose when they want to speak and what they want to share. Consumers can only share their phone number with a company, while deciding which information they want to share. In addition, a voice chat is a convenient replacement to having a text chat with an agent from your mobile browser, which can easily expose personal information. There’s no need to fill out a form when you can talk to an agent.


5. Voice Chat is More Cost-effective

With the rise of technology and the advent of a new way of communicating through mobile, companies now have the option to reduce costs effectively. Using voice chat provides great value for both consumers and businesses. It also increases business productivity and ROI for companies, which makes this new experience even more appealing. You can save money on marketing and branding efforts, as well as on support teams and other resources. In addition, you can use voice chat to educate customers about your brand and products. This way, you and your customers will be happy to see how much money you can save in the long run.


6. Voice Chat is More Customizable

You can customize your character’s voice in games or video chat. You can record your voice, turn it down, and ensure everyone hears it. You can also adjust the sound on your phone to speak clearly to an individual without raising your voice. In addition, there will be no more miscommunications in your conversations, as you can easily connect with consumers without having to repeat yourself. Voice Chat is the new way to stay connected, especially when you want to ensure privacy and rely on a familiar sound.


7. Voice Chat is More Interesting

Ever since voice chat first came to our phones, people have been trying to emulate the sound of their voices. Now that it’s accessible on a mobile device, consumers will experience more “enjoyment,” which could mean better brand loyalty and more sales. Voice Chat is becoming an essential component in the market, and consumers are starting to realize this. More businesses are turning to voice chat apps to stay connected with customers and interact with them in a natural and easy way for both parties.

These are the seven reasons companies are turning to voice chat apps to make their customers more comfortable and offer more reliable service. For those who are just starting to learn about them, take a moment to explore the industry, talk with your team and see how voice chat can benefit your business. There are many opportunities in this industry, and as mobile technology grows and becomes more reliable, more will use voice chat to improve their customer experience.


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