What is AgTech? and AgTech benefits in field of Farming

AgTech - Applications of technology in agriculture and Farming

What is AgTech?


AgTech represents the applications of technology specially Smart connected technology includes hardware and software in the field of agriculture.

A concept of the agriculture industry is simple to make to grasp all the opportunities instantly through the smartly connected appliances or things that can provide the best benefits.

After connecting the internet of things, farmers will directly be connected with the buyers and they’ll also able to check the MRP of the product in the market.

Besides, Internet of Things (IoT) will also leverage agriculture production with supply chains increasing opportunities at the same time as well.


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How IoT is impacting the AgTech sector?

IoT has become a buzzword for most of the organizations these days. It is a key to the innovation of these companies and to maintain themselves in the tough market competition.

After the deployment of the internet of things in various industries, the agriculture industry is not too far to take great advantages after the implementation.

After a consolidated meeting of the agriculture leaders of the world, they have started deeming the internet of things a gem from them along with the smart sensors, hardware, and other smart appliances.

In a recent survey, it has been predicted that there are more than 8.5 billion devices are connected to the internet all over the world. With the assistance of the internet of things, the paradigm has completely been shifted to the organizations who have deployed this prodigy recently.

Farming has adopted much technological advancement in the past few years which is helping industry-transforming & reaching into a new level. After such improvements in the agriculture sector, it is becoming more technology-driven and industrialized at the same time as well.

With the implementation of smart agriculture gadgets, farmers are also capable of to monitor livestock, crops and much more through wearable devices & sensors. Thus it can be made more predictable increasing the efficiency of the farming drastically.

Hence, smart agriculture, IoT and industrial IoT are not so popular & that they can dynamically give a contribution to all sectors in the market. It also needs some supplementary devices that can run it influentially.

Besides, it also demands recognition for the small businesses and can share the portion in the huge market of smart devices for popular industries of the world. It has also been predicted the rate of the increasing IoT devices by the year 2020 will be 20% per annum.


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The Benefits of AgTech in the field of Farming:

With the help of smart connected sensors and artificial intelligence, IoT helps farming industry in reshaping whether they can tackle the health of cattle, and temperature for their livestock while, weather conditions, soil quality, growth status of the crop and outside temperature in realtime to take a competitive advantage from other farmers.

  • Data collected through sensors helps business in tracking the performance of the staff efficiently and equipment performance simultaneously as well.
  • Though IoT assists the business in managing the internal process of farming with lower production risks, helps farmers to plan better for describing the products. So if you have got an idea of harvesting the products, you can make sure that which products are to be sold and which not!
  • IoT devices also help farming industries in cost management and reducing waste. Thus it has great control over the production of goods and thus you can mitigate the risks of losing yield.
  • Sensors provide exact information to farmers that can observe anomalies during the development process of crops.
  • Farmers also boost the business efficiency for their products through automation. Hence farmers can get great access to various processes for the production cycle like for pest control, and fertilization.
  • With the implementation of the smart devices in the system of farming, farmers can also boost the productivity of the organization with the better quality of crops ever.



Internet of things is not only a precious property for the enterprises and shipping industry but also playing a vital role in the farming sector, where they can boost the productivity of the crops.

Farmers are also implementing the IoT for their livestock but also for smart farming process through smart sensors and artificial intelligence.

IoT technology helps the agriculture sector in vehicle tracking, automation, logistics, and storage management.

With the help of AgTech in agriculture, we can improve productivity and efficiency in the agriculture sector.


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