What is Chatbot? Chatbots tutorial for beginners

What is Chatbot ? Chatbots tutorial for beginners

Chatbots are much important in today’s’ landscape where our world is tending towards technology with the internet.

Many IT companies are now using Chatbots by which a lot of work can be done efficiently without any human effort.

Chatbots help us in form of virtual assistants that makes available important information for the users. This is gonna be very helpful for the companies because they have always been seeking for new and exciting ways by which they can communicate with their customers.

Here we’re going to discuss the complete guide about Chatbots for the beginners:

Firstly, do you know what exactly the chatbot is?

A chatbot is software based on artificial intelligence (AI) that can simulate any chat with the user in an efficient manner where it’s very difficult to conjecture whether it is human or robot.

Users can chat through any medium like through websites, mobile apps, telephones or messaging applications.

Chatbots have now become a more common practice in the business. This is a thing that is brought up with artificial intelligence (AI) and these are now becoming very feasible customers’ explications.

Chatbots have also changed the business processes and these are also drastically helpful in the communication with the human being that does the same what they can! Chatbot provides the simple-chat like the interface and besides it can also provide more other services.

With the help of chatbots, companies are able to connect with the customers all the time because to keep in touch is a vital task for them to increase sales. They have revolutionized the way to communicate between the business and the customers.

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Working of Chatbots:

There are two types of chatbots;

  1. Rule-based functionality and
  2. machine learning chatbots.

Rule-based chatbots reply to the questions of the customers and they’re committed to following the certain tasks for which they’re trained.

These bots can resolve the problem of human which are more generic and it’s different compared to the AI bots.

As the name suggests that the rule-based chatbots can perform the simpler or arduous tasks under the program rules. These chatbots don’t have the capability to learn after communication.

A great advantage of rule-based chatbots is that these are not limited to text interactions like AI chatbots. These have the button, carousels and other interactive functions that provide great functioning.

Machine-learning chatbots are used to interact with the human with the machine through natural language which is one of the most specific requirements of artificial intelligence. This domain of AI is called the dialogue system or spoken dialogue systems or chatbots.

You’ll have experienced a talk with Siri or Google Assitant that have the confined conversational abilities. A user can easily perform tasks like assistant from any app, setting up alarm, playing videos or songs and many others with the help of Siri or Google assistant.

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Importance of the chatbots:

Our world is moving with the AI and most of the customers want to get help in no time. The internet has now become an important aspect of our lives and we’re drastically based on it. It is one of the fastest modes to get any information and AI has been proved a boon for the internet to grow speedily.

Now the bots are thoroughly robotized and it can communicate with the users through live support so companies can keep in touch with the users all the time.

Chatbots are part of a new technological revolution and provide great customer service. Artificial intelligence based chatbots are able to tackle the problems of customers quickly and efficiently.

Chabot is also able to predict the forecast that makes us the way to plan for the future.
With time tracking and planning software, you can also keep an eye on all the activities of the users round the clock.

Fitness apps equipped with artificial intelligence also drastically act as the guru by tracking the training by keeping eye on you.

It’s also very accommodating with the travel and tourism industry where it can find the best tickets for the customers with the information of the flight, and status as well.

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Chatbots works as smart assistance of the companies with the artificial intelligence that has also grown the revenue of them.

Nowadays, there are various sectors like banking, e-commerce, retail, travel & tourism, healthcare etc., are using the chatbots for making the user experience great. It has also been seen that chatbots are more effective than human.

For making a smart chatbot, you should use artificial intelligence, machine learning as well as language handling.

Though there are some security vulnerabilities threats on it, the team is also working to solve it no time because strong security network is a key for the enterprises, especially for the financial sectors.

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