What is Internet Safety? How can we achieve e-Safety?

What is Internet safety or online safety

What is Internet Safety?

Internet safety has come after a study that for online sexual solicitation, teens are most affected than children that happen between the age group of 14 to 17 years.

Here, the teens are also to talk about sex and thus they are asked about to give personal sexual information like sending sexy photos online and hence they can also be called offline with wrong intentions.

The most common probability is the teen who can be solicited by another teen or adult or young one through online mode. It has also become true after the study and also found true in the science that the teens under the age of 17 from 14 are most likely to be seduced by others so these are the most often cases that exist between them.

The term ‘online predator’ also comes into existence while talking about internet safety, where the image of the Oldman refreshes that waits to entice an unsuspecting child.

It has often been seen when the online sexual solicitation does happen between two teens or between a child or an adult or a child or a young adult.  Due to a lack of healthy communication between internet users, the most probable reasons to happen such incidents.

After a study, it has been found absolutely correct that the majority of the sexual solicitations come from the boys or men’s side.

Hence, your responsibility increases to hackle your children while making online connections with others and tell them about the online predators and thus prepare them for the online circumstances in the future and they can easily deal with them efficiently.

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Internet safety (e-safety) has become one of the hottest topics these days when everybody has an internet connection and everyone has the availability of it all round the clock.

Maintaining privacy is one of the most fundamental topics for people due to the increasing number of internet intruders. It’s very vital to know about the behavior of one and the bad behavior of someone can affect the healthy interaction between internet users.

People should ensure a safe and healthy conversation between users worldwide.

Moreover, staying safe through specific strategies like differentiating between the improper and positive connection will also help in becoming smart internet users and to give a smart example for others as well. Due to the fundamental and learning skills about internet safety will also provide the students staying safe on the internet.

How can we achieve Internet Safety and security?

Due to the flooding in the internet frauds, various steps should also be taken to curb and spread awareness about internet safety between the users.

Here, we’re going to mention the best measures that can help you in restraining the internet threats and thus internet safety can be ensured:

  1. Personal Information:

You should not share personal information with another person, whether it’s online or offline. Make sure you have taken the permission from your parents before sharing the private data to others. The type of personal information may be the name of your school, home address, telephone number, location of other family members, your last name, the name of your father or your mother, your telephone number, name of your siblings, etc. So always ensure if someone asks about the personal information which doesn’t mean to share information about yourself.

  1. Passwords:

Passwords of social accounts or others with the person who is not related to you but always share with your parents that will ensure your safety. And become transparent towards your parents and provide any sensitive data to your parents. You should always make sure to log out of your social account from the public computers before leaving the channel that will not allow an impersonator to steal your personal information.

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  1. Online Friends:

If you believe to increase the number of online friends, always make sure that you’re well-known about them. And don’t make even a single friend without the permission of the parents and they can suggest you the best with their experiences. Sometimes, people make a fake profile and pretend of being girl changing gender online. So always ensure that they are the one who has the profile information and confirms with the name to which profile has been made. Hence, you’ll be able to ensure the information that you’re getting is absolutely correct.

  1. Screen Name:

Always make sure the name of the screen that doesn’t contain personal information such as date of birth, last name, etc.

  1. Online Ads:

Don’t fall with the false advertisement of the product available on the internet. And always discuss with your parents before making the decision of buying any product that will ensure the best and right buying. There are many ads available on the internet these days that implement hoax for selling their products and thus they collect personal information.

  1. Photos:

Impersonator can use the photos by downloading your images from the internet so always take care of before implementing this and always take the permission of your parents for the best suggestion before posting the photos on a social platform or on any other platform by which your images can be made public and downloaded easily.

  1. Bullying:

If you’re getting insulting messages, you don’t have top respond impromptu. Don’t afraid of these messages because these are common now and most of the people face such happenings. And tell your parents about the message that you’ve received. You can also discuss the same with your school teachers and it won’t let you feel uncomfortable.

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  1. Downloading:

If you receive any file in your gmail I’d, always take the permission from your parents. There are many files sent for intruding your data and thus steal the personal information for the misuses. You’ll have to ensure from your parents to download the software or file received in your mail and most often attachment received contain viruses. So you don’t have to download the file or software from the unknown sources through your email id.

  1. Social Networking:

However, teens should not have social networking accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat in the learning stage, and if you’ve had any such account, always ensure that you’re following the minimum qualification criteria. You should make sure that you have all the signup eligibility criteria that will provide the best safety for you, your family and your account.

  1. Internet Search:

In the digital age, it’s difficult to restrain oneself to use the internet but there are a lot of spam websites available on the internet that can steal personal information. You should talk to your librarian, teachers, parents, and elders before searching for any website. They can give you a better idea of which websites are safe and which not? These days, public libraries are offering a lot of resources to get to know about the same.

During the search of making school projects, you always take online help and you can’t make the decision of selecting the best website from innumerable website for your help so always take advice from your teachers to get the best websites for the completion of your project elegantly.


In the digital age, internet surfing has become common to all and most of the teen search on the internet for many minutes on average. Teens have no idea about internet safety and they do the unnecessary task and often fall into the trap.

So there various necessary steps that have been mentioned above for children’s safety so you should read about them and ensure the safety of yourself and your family.

Hence, security risks can be reduced drastically regarding the private information and property associated with internet usage and you’ll also be self-protected from computer crime in general.

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Let us know, your view about Internet safety and security in the comment section below.

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