What is the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)?

What is the Artificial Intelligence of Things AI vs IoT

Introduction to Artificial intelligence of Things

Every step of the way, the human mind is introduced to several new technologies and phenomena. A few decades ago, the introduction of the Internet changed human interaction forever. For the current times, it is the foundation of AIoT or better known as Artificial Intelligence of Things that have taken the front wheel.

With every new technology that is developed, the interaction between human-machine and machine-machine increases rapidly. Now, with the integration of IoT, the entire process has become much easier. But what makes us 100 steps ahead, in the present day, is the concept of Artificial Intelligence of things.

AIoT is the coming together of artificial intelligence and the Internet of things. These two concepts work together to create more efficient IoT operations that do not require human decision-making. But, before diving into this huge world of AIoT, let’s understand the 2 basic concepts that form this technology. That is – AI and IoT.



Artificial Intelligence vs IoT

On one side, we have Artificial intelligence, which acts as the brain and forms decisions through machine learning capabilities. While, on the other hand, we have the Internet of Things that transfers, collects, and exchanges data with other devices through the internet. Both of these independent concepts have massive impacts on EVERY industry. Sounds superficial, right? Well, it’s not!


Believe it or not but presently with the help of IoT, about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are generated every day. This means that it is through IoT that you are connected to the internet and carry on with your daily activities on this network. In addition to this, is the huge effect of AI on your life.

From your shopping recommendations to your web searches, AI hugely influences the online world. What we can understand from this is, that both AI and IoT have become an integral part of our lives. Both of these technologies have influenced our lives one way or another. It is also right to say, that both these technologies are highly successful and present an unlimited opportunity for growth and advancement.


Ultimately, when these two huge forces come together, we are benefitted from a complex system that makes our lives easier. Not only this but, AIoT does not only affect the internet world but can lead to exponential growth in our personal lives as well.

It might be hard to believe but with every development that comes under AIoT, our businesses, local services, and government processes can greatly be improved by increasing the value of IoT-generated data. Imagine, what 2 of the greatest concepts of this technological world can achieve when combined together!


But first, let’s dig deeper into why we need AIoT in the present day.


The need for Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)


As more and more people would start using IoT in their day-to-day life, the rate at which data is created would become exponential. Thus, to fully utilize this created data – we need AI.


With the help of AI integration, IoT devices can become more proactive instead of reactive. This means that IoT devices that normally functioned simply as sensors or a mode of exchange of data, can now process it as well and form meaningful decisions on their own.


And that’s not it! There are so many more reasons why AIoT needs to be an integral part of our lives. Another one of them is the advancement of 5G networks.

As the introduction of the 5G network will allow data creation to touch 180 zettabytes by the year 2025, AIoT will be used as the path to reduce the burden on cloud computing technology.

With the help of AIoT, sensors will themselves be able to configure and filter data. This would ultimately reduce the high data flow to the central cloud servers, increase exchange efficiency and decrease latency greatly.

You might be wondering, a technology that is so efficient and can improve the business, as well as the technological world, must have some great benefits. And well, you’re right! Let’s look at some of the greatest benefits that surround AIoT!


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The Benefits Of AIoT

It can be said without doubt that Artificial Intelligence of Things  will change the world for good. But what exactly are those benefits? Let’s look at some!


  1. Advanced operation efficiency: With the help of AIoT devices, data analysis becomes quite easy. This leads to an easy understanding of patterns within the exchanged data and effortless filtering of data. Ultimately, making system operations easier and more efficient.
  2. Automation of Manual tasks: With the help of AI, IoT devices get the liberty to make autonomous decisions, reducing the dependency on humans. This leads to a boost in productivity and efficiency.
  3. Faster Conversion: AI plays a major role in reducing latency by increasing the speed of data conversion and exchange.
  4. Technological growth: One of the key roles that AI can play is improving machine-to-machine interaction. This allows IoT devices to communicate with advanced bots easily.
  5. Boosting IoT Scalability: Using AI, IoT users can add more and more IoT devices to the circuit. These devices can make the process hyper-specific and data transactions greatly accurate.


The list doesn’t end here. There are tons of other benefits to AIoT and the technology that comes along with it.


But the obvious question is, whether all of this is theoretical or practical? Can all of this be added to tangible devices? Can we, in reality, witness the great strength of AIoT in the near future?

Well, the answer is yes! Believe it or not, within the next couple of years, we are going to witness the change that AIoT will bring with it. Whether it is from business to local life, every sphere of the world will be affected by these huge advancements. So, Let’s discuss what the world of AIoT holds for us!



AIoT has already swept into our world and you might have not even noticed it. AIoT is believed to be one of the most booming technologies of the future. But, how will it be used for real-time applications, let’s see?


  1. ET City Brain: An innovative city by Alibaba group that uses AIoT to make it smarter and safer. From smart lighting solutions that respond to changes in weather and traffic, to autonomous vehicles and smart parking solutions, all these devices will be using AIoT to build a better and smarter city. Thus, we are expected to witness AIoT change the way we live city-wide. Exciting, right?
  2. Amazon Go: The application AIoT will not be just limited to the way we live, but also to our economic transactions. By using AIoT, Amazon has developed various superstores that no longer use cashiers. IoT devices in the store themselves keep a track of the purchases of the customers, their total bills, their e-wallet, and everything surrounding their buying experience.
  3. Suggestion Mirrors: You’d be surprised to know, but it is finally time that AI acts as your friend as well! That’s right. With these AIoT-powered shopping suggestion mirrors, your buying experience becomes 10x better. IBM and Vero Moda plan to bring in mirrors that provide you with shopping suggestions and help you buy stuff by giving feedback. Imagine that!


After all these creative and advanced innovations, it is safe to say that Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are the future of the world.

Sooner than later we will witness Artificial Intelligence of Things enhance and upgrade the way we live and the way we interact. With this great technology, we soon will live in a world where the lines between physical and digital are truly blurred.


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