There are so many advancements in today’s’ landscape and everyone want to use new devices enabled with the latest technology.

Humans are constantly innovating through each & every phase of development utilizing technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Internet of things has changed the way of using devices with a great user experience (UX).

Now, it has also become very important for the people to know and experience the latest technology with the time to move with the progression.

From industry to home, most things are easily accessed and controlled by the internet all the time. And the internet of things is taking this advancement into a new height that will help you in the future by reducing the time in doing every task through some conventional methods.

Nowadays, billions of IoT devices are available in the market and more than 3 times boost up of IoT devices is also expected in the upcoming years.

The overwhelming number of IoT devices used for convenience is remarkable.

1. Smart Oven:

An electric oven is an important appliance in our daily life which is used for various heat, baking and drying purposes. Though various general purpose works are done by the oven so we now depend on it for heating and baking.

We need to make these microwave ovens smart in the fast-moving world towards smartness. Ovens that are used for commercial purposes are called the furnace.

Smart ovens are the now the foremost choice of the customers and these are drastically replacing the regular ovens nowadays.

AI enabled ‘smart ovens’ have the capability to connect all other AI enabled devices of your home that makes your oven smarter. After connecting with other smart appliances, you save your time and energy as well.

For e.g., a smart refrigerator can be connected with your oven easily! AI enabled oven starts heating after acknowledging stores in the fridge which have to be prepared. Also, it disconnects automatically by reducing the cost of electricity and humanitarian efforts as well.

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2. Smart fans:

Smart fans are the great invention of this technological world and it becomes important in your hectic daily schedules. Also, smart fans are energy saver and also play a vital role in reducing your electricity bill every month.

This smart fan is a completely new fan enabled with wireless smart technology and comes with the luxurious looks that also make you feel rich and reputed as well.

On the surface, these fans look cool, sleek and modern that appeals to my love of gadgets. Compared to ordinary fans, these are the lightweight component combined with a patent-pending motor system which also assures a long life of it.

3. Smart lighting system:

Smart lights are the need of the time because of the increasing need for the lighting equipment.

Smart lighting technology helps us in saving the energy drastically and it also has high-efficiency fixtures and automated controls.

Smart lights can also be controlled by your voice and also produces a great like basic bulbs. Mesh networking technology is used in such a lighting system and it connects every aligned smart bulb wirelessly.

Phillips and IKEA are the companies that are insisting to manufacture smart lighting bulbs or devices.

4. Smart IoT Medical Devices:

Chronic diseases are common these days as the world population is aging with the time. Our health care industry is focusing on developing contemporary devices and smart devices are playing a vital role in making our medical industry modern.

Also, the proliferation of advanced medical electronic devices and wearable electronics is considerably developing patient issues and reducing healthcare costs drastically.

It has also been expected that the demand for connected medical devices is assumed to reach up to 20 billion by 2020 that also shows the exponential growth of these devices.

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5. Smart-watches:

Many scientists are working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has the power to take the concept of motion tracking to a new height.

Smartwatches are the parts of this invention that the today’s requirement where you deem to make yourself smarter. These watches are very helpful to track joggings and performance of factory workers. Thus, these are also very convenient to promote your healthy lifestyles and assist in health care.

Smartwatches kind of devices can also monitor the activity of the workers automatically and also remind him about the forgotten task to be done at the same time.

It works as an assistant in the gym for you by reminding the workout routines, tracking progress and recommending the missed workouts as well.

6. Smart home locks:

Demand for smart home locks has been drastically increased in the past few years. These locks add a new dimension to the security of your home or office all the time because these are very convenient and secure.

These types of locks are equipped with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology by which it can be controlled by your Smartphone easily connecting it to the internet.

You can easily pair it with the Bluetooth of your phone and after pairing, it can be used conveniently. Thus smart lock facilitates us to get rid of the locking and unlocking the lock without using keys.

However, it depends on the type of lock, it can also be used by touching the lock using your finger or tapping from a specific app of your phone’s app.

7. Smart cycle locks:

Smart cycle or bicycle or bike apps are also a great invention for the future perspective. Smart cycle locks are equipped with various great features like vibration, breakage, disassembly, and cable clipping triggers by which your vehicle can be controlled easily.

The endurance of the batteries is also great that lasts after the 5 months use. Though such types of lockers are connected through specific apps, low power alert also comes to your phone when it goes low.

8. Smart Bluetooth trackers:

The market for wearable technology is increasing rapidly and more than 100 million wearables were sold in the year 2017 which is the increase of more than 10% compared to the past year.

Smart Bluetooth trackers offer a separate indicator to the users that notify the user as the device disconnects. However, these devices don’t remind the battery low indication but these are drastically useful in our daily life when our life has been depended on the electronic devices nowadays. You also get notified when the phone is left behind through the device.

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9. Smart Home Retrofit:

Smart Home Retrofits are now in vogue nowadays and there is a strong argument that it is one of the most cost-effective options in terms of functionality.

The smart-home market is boosting rapidly and most of the smart appliances has grabbed the attention of the users and smart home retrofit is a part of that. However, it has also been deemed that fully retrofitted home is not a solution for your home to make it smart because it may be expensive for some users.

Nowadays, many products are implementing the approach of ‘retrofit’ designs that comes to the infrastructure of the home to connect it to the Internet of Things, inexpensively without using the power tools.

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10. Smart traffic control devices:

Traffic is one of the most common problems nowadays which is increasing day by day. This is very tough to control it with a human so most of the devices are now been implementing by the government particularly artificial intelligence based devices.

With the help of AI enabled traffic devices, traffic can be controlled easily providing communication between the traffic light and emergency vehicle using radio signals that consists of assembling various sensing devices.

Each of these devices is comprised of a transceiver that is controlled by the microcontroller. When the sensing devices come nearer to the traffic light, it receives the signal from its preceding pole from where the vehicle passed then the traffic light turns to green and it enables to pass quickly in an emergency situation.

11. Smart refrigerators:

Smart Refrigerators have not become the need of today when everyone is busy and seeking self-controlled devices.

It can help in saving your precious time that can communicate the other devices whether you’re present in the home or not! Besides when our home is fully controlled by multiple smart devices, why not a smart refrigerator?

Smart Refrigerator can also help in reducing the meter reading drastically that also adapts your modern-day lifestyle.

It also uses less power during the night-time and monitors the temperature with the sophisticated humidity and the temperatures sensors. Besides, the refrigerators are fully equipped with the self-cleaning feature and can also monitor the type and amount of food that will be wasted.

These refrigerators also have more storage than the conventional fridges and contemporary refrigerators are enabled with the coffee-machines. We can also plan our meals through these refrigerators with the soup & tea maker.

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12. Smart washing machines:

Smart washing machines are in vogue these days in the contemporary lifestyle. These are the energy saver that can also control many tasks by itself.

It can also save your washing material and send out the notification to your mobile once your washing finished. Smart washing machines also send the alert when it needs to add the soak function during the washing process of your clothes.

13. Smart air conditioners:

When the world is looking to use the smart appliances then why not smart air conditioner for the demand is increasing drastically?

Smart air conditioners can solve your cooling problem that comes with the Wi-Fi built feature and it can communicate to your phone by adjusting the temperature automatically.

So you can leave trusting from remote because most of the time you busy in the office tasks and forget to control or manage the temperature. These smart air conditioners also do less noise because noise is a nasty thing for the users especially when you focus on your work. Using the app, you can directly control your AC from your home or outside.

14. Smart smoke detectors:

Smart smoke detectors are part of the invention of smart kitchen appliances. These detectors are enabled with the smoke and carbon monoxide alarm in your kitchen.

It can also easily monitor any early threat and thus these are much advanced than the traditional smoke detectors.

Smart smoke detectors provide as much warning as possible to get out securely in the event of a house fire. These are gonna useful for commercial purposes as well.
When smart smoke detectors detect any threat in your kitchen, it sends a notification directly to your mobile.

It’s also drastically useful when you’re outside and thus it has two capabilities alone to save the lives of you and your family. The smart smoke detectors are part of the Nest product line.

15. Smart televisions:

The concept of smart television was one of the great concepts when it came into the year 1994 but sales were limited with the features when the smartphones were not in vogue. Now, your smart TV can be operated through the smartphone easily without any use of the remote.

Most of the customers are now seeking smart televisions only due to its features and convenience.

A result has also been coming out in the study where the Smart Televisions market is the second largest demanded devices by the users after the smartphone in India.

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IoT devices will be our future and most of the tech companies are focusing to manufacture the appliances enabled with the internet of things.

These devices are so convenient and should be used in our offices as well as the home that can move forward in this smart world.

Some advanced companies have started making their offices with the help of ideal IoT service providing agencies. So if you want to make your life convenient, come and apply these smart IoT devices that can change your experience.

Let us know what you think about ‘about 15 Most Popular devices‘ in the comment section below.

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