Basic electronics virtual lab for teachers and students

Basic electronics virtual lab circuit

Basic electronics virtual lab


A graduate degree or a Post-Graduate degree in the field of engineering is one of the toughest courses in our country. We are well aware of how crucial practical learning is in the field of engineering. Simply providing engineering students with course material and theoretical material is not enough. They need to learn engineering through a more hands-on method. This is where the need for a lab where all the necessary types of equipment are available comes in.

However, it is not possible for each and every student to access the lab at all points of time, due to a variety of factors. And thus, recognizing the need for a well-equipped lab that can be accessed by the students 24*7 the Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) introduced the initiative – Virtual Labs Project under which a virtual laboratory for Basic Electronics has also been developed.

Let’s look at what it is and how it helps the people closely associated with the learning process in the field of engineering and electronics.



Virtual Labs Project


The virtual lab is an initiative that aims to help students learn practical concepts in a variety of domains through interactive media. Due to this initiative, a virtual laboratory for Basic Electronics was also introduced. This lab for Electronics allows students to perform various practical experiments virtually anytime through virtual equipments that give a real-life experience.

The Key features of this lab are:

  1. Ths lab is available 24X7 and so, the students can learn difficult concepts at their own pace.
  2. The lab offers real-looking components which give the user a feel of a real laboratory.
  3. The lab further offers a step-by-step wizard to guide the students through the experiments.


Not only this, this virtual electronics lab offers tons of other facilities that make learning electronics super easy and gives students practical knowledge that perfectly supplements their theoretical academics.


Virtual Labs for Teachers and Students


inverting opamp electronics circuit virtual lab

image credit : vlabs-iitkgp-opamp


Using the Electronics Virtual Lab, teachers and students together can build a more holistic learning experience. Using this virtual lab, teachers get the freedom to demonstrate live examples while teaching complex and difficult concepts to the students.

Moreover, this electronic virtual lab allows students to take part n group projects and learn newer concepts together that do not lie within the scope of their academics.

This virtual lab can also be instrumental in enabling electronics students to create more and more projects that hone their skills and lets them experience the beauty of practical knowledge.

Overall, through the Electronic virtual lab, students and teachers can break the vicious cycle of “boring-theoretical knowledge” and explore the horizon of a more practical learning experience.


Accessing the Virtual Electronic Lab


Excited to start using this lab and open the world of limitless experiments? Access the virtual electronic lab now!

You can use the link attached below to access the virtual lab.

The virtual lab supports open-source browsers(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer). If the simulation doesn′t run in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer upgrade the software since HTML 5 doesn’t support the Internet Explorer 7.0 version.

It supports the Mozilla Firefox of 51.0.1 version.

It supports the Internet Explorer of 11.0.31.


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