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IoT Devices are Smart Devices- How?

The Internet of Things in short we can term “IoT” . We say IoT devices are smart but in mind we have doubt “how exactly are IoT devices smart? ”

We say it to be magic when our delusions whim of having smart home, smart cars, smart computers that knew every whereabouts and act intellectually using the data gathered without any help from us.

They intrinsically understand our needs by tracking and counting each and every single point empowering them too heap up their own in formations through the smart ways where they themselves can see, hear and smell the world for themselves .

Imagine having a watch which does the whole function of mobile phone delivering all the important information that you need from your phone directly isn’t it amazing?

This is one of the example of IoT technology and the list goes on…

How exactly are IoT devices smart?

You have doubt how exactly are IoT devices Smart ?




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When the IoT technology set its foot into the emerging technology its main idea was to connect the frequently used objects to the Internet and also to embark on one another, with the foremost objective set to provide users with smarter, more efficient experiences.

The challenge of understanding the internet of things is that it’s continuously evolving and that it keeps expanding from its’ original focus into more and more machine-to-machine (M2M) applications that communicate without any human intervention.

According to the survey done by they say that, the use of drones, robots, automotive computers and wearables is growing rapidly and it has been projected that IoT will be an over 6 trillion US dollar industry by 2025 and with time you’re going to hear more about IoT’s as this technology will cover up most of the non smart devices.

The main intelligence behind understanding the human interventions in the IoTs is the RFID – the Radio Frequency Identifier and the Sensor technology which capitates the devices to observe, understand the world without the curb of human- entered data enabling the devices to be smart.

But being new technology many are unaware about its benefits, IoT concept can be confusing and intimidating for the average people, especially as debates swirl around standardization, security and privacy, and the technology being adapted to the fast
growing trends in the IoT technology.


Where all would these smart devices impact our lives?

In future these IoT’s will replace the entire non smart devices that we are currently used in day to day activities. Each individual want the tasks accomplished swifter and without much hassle making their busy schedules more effortless. Let’s take an example:-



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As said above every person’s wish is to get the work done more faster and that too without much hassles, say you are driving a smart car which is inbuilt with computer controlled components in the car which can send information to your respective manufacturer and garage mechanic with which the faults and diagnostics and maintenance can be done earlier so as to prevent measures any major damages or accidents caused by the car. These preventative measures can greatly reduce the chances your car being targeted from major hurdles.

Emerging Smart city will atomizes street traffic lights ,air pollution sensors ,car counters ,electricity meters, police CCTV cameras, temperature ,humidity and rainfall sensors can all be connected and managed through this IoT ,with the advent of the Google self-driving cars ,car to car communication can eliminate traffic accidents completely and the data can be generated towards the main city.

In today’s busy life schedules IoT’s enable a communication between all its smart devices to stay connected with each other. With the emerging technology work is no longer something we do at a certain time or place; work can be anytime, and anywhere, as the technology blurs the boundaries between home and work. In this way the technology is going to play a major role in each of our life.

As we see with the use of the technology rapid changes are being developed and will help even more as new researches are being developed.

All of us are in an incredible era of IoT technology this makes IoT devices smart, and cannot predict how far we will go with the not-too-distant future, but it will be an awesome journey towards the more & more IoT technologies coming up and more information being shared with you.


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