IoT Gateway Architecture : Overview of Gateway Software

IoT Gateway Architecture

Architectural Overview :


In previous article we went through basic of IoT Gateway – What is it? & why we need IoT gateway in IoT Solution.

In this article we will discuss about Architectural overview of IoT Gateway.

If anyone missed to read our previous article related IoT Gateway, please read previous article for better understanding  of current one.


IoT Architectural Diagram

IoT ArchitectureThe above diagram is the most common architectural design for Internet of Things Complete Solution where the gateway itself is not equipped with sensors.


Basic IoT Gateway Architecture Diagram:

IoT Gateway Architecture

From above Basic IoT gateway architecture diagram where the gateway itself is not equipped with sensors. The IoT gateway is with Gateway software installed on it.

The IoT Gateway are two types

  • Gateway without equipped with sensors
  • Gateway with equipped with sensors

Embedded sensors that might be present at the gateway could include options like a GPS unit or a temperature sensor connected to the gateway using the GPIO interface

IoT Gateway with Embedded Sensor

An IoT gateway performs several critical functions from

  • translating protocols to encrypting,
  • processing
  • managing data
  • and filtering data.

If you imagine an IoT ecosystem, a gateway sits between devices and sensors to communicate with the cloud.


The Gateway Software :

The software application is the heart of the gateway.

The gateway software is responsible for

  • collecting messages from the sensors
  • storing data appropriately until they can be pre-processed
  • pre-processing that data
  • sending the results to the data center
  • Decides if the data at a given stage of processing should be temporary, persistent, or kept in-memory.

The gateway software should be designed with failure and disaster recovery in mind.

Gateway software should also be smart enough to properly handle system logging.

For example if we check Intel® IoT Gateway Technology

According to Intel®

” Intel® IoT Gateway Technology turns data into action , Solutions based on this technology provide leading performance and security for intelligence at the edge, enabling near real-time analysis and tighter, more efficient process controls, while reducing data transmission costs.”


Reference:  GlobalSign , Dzone and Intel®IoT Gateway technology .

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