What is Smart Supply Chain? and Its Importance for organizations

What is Smart Supply chain


By the end of 2020, it has been assumed that more than half of the business will start relying on the major technological processes of the company and the internet of things will be playing a significant role in this process. Smart Supply Chain.

Moreover, about 30 billion internet-connected devices will also be incorporated in the market which will be helping the companies in generating more than $300 billion markets.

It has also been assumed by the experts a thirty-fold expansion in the internet-connected devices and it will significantly change the concept of managing the supply chain of the companies.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a set of various interconnected devices that has the capability of monitoring, reporting, and transferring data.

The IoT devices are connected to the center through a computer system by sending the data or Wi-Fi network whatever. IoT devices employ sensors to estimate distinct aspects like location, humidity, temperature, movement, handling, and other environmental factors vital in today’s scenario.

Moreover, the internet of things devices has many forms which may be equipped with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chip, mobile sensors, and smart devices.

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Internet of things will be a vital component in the development of the supply chain which is called an efficient way of tracking and authenticating stocks with the shipments.

These devices implement the global positioning system (GPS) and other technologies that help them in a similar process.

In the supply chain, storage conditions can also be monitored that will boost supervision capabilities of the companies enhancing their qualities simultaneously.

Why Smart Supply Chain is important for organizations?

Many global firms have realized the implementation of the internet of things which has drastically affected the method of manufacturing, retailing and service enterprises.

Due to the vast impact on the global market, the rest of the enterprises and startups have also started relying on the internet of things.

According to a study, it has been assumed that the IoT is used for the purpose of locating objects, and containers. Besides, some postal services also use the smart mailboxes needed in remote areas (rural locations) to check the status of whether they are full or empty. It drastically saves money of the organizations on the usual journey.

Moreover, temperature-sensitive products are also being monitored by the IoT enabled devices to ensure a constant temperature after leaving the warehouse.

Thus after gathering the data through sensors and connected devices, business information system sends all information to the center to fix things at the same time.

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Logistics are an integral part of any company and as they travel all around the world, a need for tracking their location and transport routes become also incredibly important for them spontaneously. It is a quite important thing to pinpoint the location of the logistics in real-time.

Hence, conventional methods don’t help industries in knowing the exact location of the logistics so most of the vast companies have started implementing the IoT devices for such operations.

During the negative occurrences, interruptions in the very beginning, companies could reduce the losses in the supply chain and thus can also detect the reason for such occurrences. But in the case of envisioning mobile assets, conventional Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) doesn’ work efficiently.

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However, Radio-Frequency Identification tags help businesses in tracking their goods until the time of their arrival to their destinations but they are not much efficient in providing the information of safety of the products quickly as well as the intricate supply chain process. Internet of things is a comprehensive solution for handling the process of transferring goods from one place to another at every step due to the spread logistics network.

With the implementation of latest internet of things technology, smart logistics solutions can also give a powerful efficient supply chain process that today’s industries are visualizing to manage significant goods from any place, any time.

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In the next article, we will discuss about How does Supply chain system work?

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