How Amazon is Integrating IoT for Better Consumer Solutions

Amazon IoT Technology

Amazon IoT

Amazon’s almost always on the headlines when it comes to technological innovations and implementations of the same. Amazon and IoT Technology.

It’s the same now, and this time, Amazon is using the Internet of Things technology to serve its customers better. And they’re doing it pretty effectively, more on that later. 

But let me say beforehand that describing how Amazon is using IoT for customer benefits, and in which specific ways are they carrying out their operations to that end, can be really long-winded. 

I’ve tried to explain as much as I can in the most concise manner possible. But first, let’s clear up a few things about IoT itself, to help make my point better. 


Amazon and IoT technology

The most obvious thing that’s to come to our minds is that of general customer support. And it is indeed something where Amazon is implementing IoT quite successfully. 

Right off the bat, Amazon is being able to help more customers than ever before. Going beyond the usual process of face to face customer support, through the different mediums of communication available, IoT has helped them streamline that very process to a significant extent.


Amazon Web Services 

With the big tech companies competing in the field of cloud technology, Amazon’s attempting to get a one-up on all. 

They’re doing it by means of Amazon Web Services, which is their very own Cloud technology product. And that’s a big part of what’s enabling them to deploy IoT for customer solutions. 

Now, how’s that going to work? 

To put things in perspective, we’ve got to take a look at how IoT technology is working in one’s house. 

You might have heard of Smart Homes, where there are a host of devices for daily uses, which operate within a singular connected network within the premises. And many of these microsystems are connected to the greater cloud network as a whole. 

This is more relevant for Amazon than almost every other company in this industry. 

Being the ‘Everything Store’, where you can buy any and every product that you might need, there’s going to be a lot of different products within that, which will fall under the Smart Home products category. 

Take, for example, a smart refrigerator that can put orders for restocking as it senses an empty fridge. 

And the scope of this falls within a vast range for that matter. 

So now let us take a look at the different applications of this for the purpose of customer solutions. 


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How Amazon Web Services is Impacting Customer Solutions? 


Amazon and IoT Technology


There has always been a general protocol of how customer support works and brings all the solutions that it does. 


With the help of IoT, customer support for Amazon’s online retail business has improved drastically. And here’s how that is happening. 


Precedence of Omnichannel Support over Multichannel Support 

This is a byproduct of devices getting more and more efficient with every passing day. Add to that, better and better ways of connectivity to enhance that network. 

What we’re having here is more streams of information coming into the network. 

Thus, that has pushed the systems from a multichannel to an omnichannel approach. 

To get into more details of this, we’ve got to break things down to the level of individual features. As each of these features now is warranting separate support requirements. 

The specific technology we have here is the AWS IoT Core

This is a more focused and refined version of the cloud system. It makes the process of communication among Smart devices much more seamless and secure. 

For direct exchanges of data to take place from device to device, there must be proper authentication. Securing that is end-to-end encryption for each and every point of connection. 

Thus, improvement in customer solutions here involves better security and communications. 

We’re also having better input of device data which is the… key to better performance at the device end. Using other services within the AWS framework is also going to be much easier because of this. 

That includes Amazon Machine Learning, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon CloudWatch, and the likes. 


Using Data more Efficiently 

Data is something that we’ve got more than we know what to do with. That is exactly where AWS IoT Analytics comes into play, for using all the data. In this case, providing the best possible customer support. 

With this system, Amazon is able to bypass much of the hardware and infrastructural requirements. 

Now by nature, the data collected from the IoT networks is relatively unstructured. This is what this analytics system is helping with specifically. 

There is an SQL query engine that comes with the system to help you schedule the queries. And for more complex analytical requirements, there’s scope for machine learning inference applications. 


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Better IoT Applications on the Go 

You can consider the applications as the individual brains of the IoT devices. And with the IoT Things Graph system, building better applications is now much easier. 

In the context of customer support, developers here will be able to put together powerful applications. This will be instrumental in bridging any gap there might be on the software side of things. 

No more coding until the brain shuts down. Here you’re having a drag and drop API interface to make things simpler. 

The best part here is that this going to allow for more personalized applications for customer needs. As it’s obvious that requirements are going to vary on a case by case basis. 

Thus, we’d be having better customer solutions in this manner. 


Wrapping Up..

Not only are we having better customer solutions from Amazon coming of off IoT technology, but the thing to take note of here is the scope of improvement that is available. In an environment like this, each system has the potential to build upon the other. Connectivity and Big Data being the primary contributors to that. 

Thus, progress wouldn’t only be limited to customer solutions, but to all facets of IoT pertaining to Amazon. 


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