Chandrayaan 2: The Mission Makes Impossible to Possible

Chandrayaan 2 mission

Chandrayaan 2: India Moon Mission

Chandrayaan 2 is an Indian lunar mission launched on Jul 22, 2019, by Indian Space Research Organization for the south pole (where the sun rays don’t arrive).

This mission was launched aiming to explore the uncharted south pole of the celestial body through the rover named; Pragyan.

Chandrayaan – 2 mission was sent with the lander ‘Vikram’ and it took several years to develop the indigenous Cryogenic engine.

The Chandrayaan – 2 mission was thoroughly developed by India and Indian scientists made great efforts in developing every component used in various parts of the mission.

After 47 days of launching the project from the Sriharikota Launching Space site of India, it has to launch on the moon’s south pole but unfortunately, before 2.1 kilometers of the surface of the moon, it broke the communication from the rover Pragyan. Under the mission, scientists planned to make the soft landing of the rover on September 7.

It has also been told by the Indian scientist that lander Vikram lander missed the original site and went off to the second site. Hence, the visuals were missing.

Director of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), K Sivan said, “the data is being analyzed after breaking the communication with the rover before a minor distance distraction from the usual.”

If India would have succeeded, it becomes the 4th country after the US, China, and Russia top land on the moon while the first country to land on the south pole of it.

India’s most powerful indigenously made Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle, GSLV MkIII-M1 was successfully launched with the total weight of 3,840-kg and it was also used in the launching 104 satellites altogether last years of various countries. After leaving the earth’s orbit in the dark hours on August 14, it started traveling towards moon after a maneuver called; TLI (Trans Lunar Insertion).

Obtaining a great milestone on August 20, the Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft had successfully entered the lunar orbit through the LOI (Low Orbit Insertion). On August 22, Indian Space Research Organization also released the first images of the captured by the Orbiter while lander Vikram was separated from the orbiter on September 2.

Vikram – Lander and Pragyan – Rover:

The lander Vikram (named after the Vikram Sarabhai – Godfather of Indian Space Mission) has the weight of 1,471-kg. The main motto of the Vikram Lander was to execute the soft landing on the lunar surface and to work for one lunar day (14 days of the earth).

Chandrayaan-2 has the 27-kg robotic vehicle Pragyan (Sanskrit name, Wisdom in English) was capable to travel 500 meters from the landing spot on the moon through the solar energy to function properly.

The basic aim of the rover Pragyan was to roll out inside the lander for carrying out an exceptional exploration of the moon’s soil along with the detection of the water on the moon as well. It was also carrying two payloads alongside.

Chandrayaan which means the vehicle of the moon was an endeavor to enter into space after Chandrayaan 1 in 2008. Countries like USA, China, and Russia are exploring ways to establish extraterrestrial colonies on the moon along with the mining resource and it comes after Mars.

Was Chandrayaan – 2 unsuccessful or successful?

This is one of the most important questions rises in every citizen of India and other nations as well.

However, on September 7, there was a setback for the Indian scientists for not being complete the mission of the Chandrayaan 2 when Vikram lander failed to complete the autonomous descent over the lunar surface. But it was not the complete failure of the Indian Space Research Organization and it was 2 steps before landing on the lunar surface as also said by the ISRO’s scientists that it was 95% successful.

During the detection of the failure reasons of Chandrayaan 2,m it came to know that the lander was tumbled out due to the thruster’s anomaly and thus fell a short distance away. However, the scientist made a lot of efforts to reestablish communication with the rover but unfortunately, it couldn’t become possible as the lunar day also ends and battery of the lander Vikram also falls dead.

After becoming clear that Chandrayaan 2 mission makes a lot of efforts, scientists, celebrities, and space agencies from all over the world started expressing their solidarity with ISRO’s scientists for their endeavors.

As it has also been saying that the Chandrayaan 2 mission was a preemptive mission for the further advanced programs of the ISRO. However, some also say as Indian Space Research Organization is government-funded so the cost of the Chandrayaan 2, 918 crore goes waste but it’s not true at all.

The space agencies of the other countries of the world have many times more budget than India so they have a lot more opportunity to spend on the space program and explore valuable things for the welfare of the human and the world as well.

Countries like China, USA and Russia have become successful in completing their space mission or programs after making many efforts and the budget of their moon or mars or space mission were many times more than India.

However, India is also planning to launch the manned mission for Space with the indigenously developed spacecraft with three astronauts and preparation is on the top level and training of the astronauts is also now going on.



After a lot of hard work by the Indian scientists, they launched Chandrayaan 2 from Sriharikota, a launching site of the ISRO but many are criticizing the mission of being unsuccessful but it’s completely untrue.

Space missions are not easier as also deemed by American space agency NASA so everything invested for experiments in science is not waste.

We should start working on the next projects learning from the previous one. ISRO has made feel proud to Indians after completing the mars mission in all-time low budget compared to other space agencies and particularly in the very first attempt.

It was a record by set by any space agency to complete the mission by sending the Mangalyaan on Mars.


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