What is LTE Network? Full form, Advantages and working

What is LTE network i.e Long Term Evolution Technology and advanatges of LTE

What is LTE Network (Long Term Evolution Technology)

What is the Full form of LTE

LTE  stands for Long Term Evolution  (Full form)

LTE is a standard for high speed wireless communication for mobile device which are based on  technologies like GSM/EDGE etc.

It increases the capacity and speed using a different radio interface together with core networks.

There are different frequency and bands used in different countries.

This technology is designed to provide IP-based data ,voice etc which having streaming speed at least 100 Mbit per second up to as fast as 1 Gbit per second.



Goals of LTE network:

The goal of LTE is to increase the capacity and speed of wireless networks by using new DSP (digital signal processing) techniques and modulations which were developed around the turn of  the millennium.

It also use to improve the spectral efficiency, lowering the cost and improving  the services.

A further goal of LTE was the redesign and simplification of the network architecture to an  IP-based system with significantly reduced transfer latency compared to the 3G architecture.


Advantages of LTE (Long Term Evolution Technology)

Mobile carriers from all around the globe have upgraded or starting to upgrade their networks to the latest technology.

Long Term Evolution networks are the mobile connectivity equivalent to what broadband is to dial up connectivity. By using This technology it is now possible to do anything on the Internet using mobile  phones as if we are connected to a fixed broadband line.

This technology focuses on increasing both the upload and download speeds compared to its     predecessors. LTE is mobile technology which  has created an environment in which  application developers can create more options that will better the user’s experience.

This technology is an all IP system that turn calls into digital data and sends them over the networks.

This technology will decreases traffic on networks &  improving your call sessions and  conversations. When there is lack of capacity LTE can in real time reallocate bandwidth between different callers.

Due to this mobile technology  more people will access faster Internet through their mobile phones than fixed lines.


How does LTE works ?

Current method of moving or transferring the data on internet protocol get changed because of  LTE.

Now we can send large amount of data through it. the major benefit of the LTE i.e reduces  the latency in data transfer.

In GSM we uses the technology called as Time Delay Duplex(TDD) And in CDMA it  uses Code  Division Duplex(CDD). Both CDD and TDD are the method of-coding information which transfer   across the airwaves.

CDD is faster than TDD but world is operate on GSM so GSM is improved to   the HSPA i.e High Speed Packet Access.

LTE incorporates the Digital Signal Processing which is used for better adjudicate the data packet transfer.

LTE technology based on GSM/EDGE and HSPA.

Long Term Evolution -travels like radio waves with extra ordinary speed with same bandwidth transfer large amount of data.

Long Term Evolution – made the interface and network improvement which helps to increase data capacity and speed.

Long Term Evolution – reduces the transfer delay that means data moves or transfer faster.


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LTE and Internet of Things…

LTE is two or three times more efficient than 3G network and 20 times more efficient than 2G.

During the analysis it has estimated that data costing a dollor to send over 2G network . while it can sent over an LTE network for a mere five cent.

Because of this powerful economic incentive, operators around the world are aggressively re-farming their 2G as well as 3G spectrum and move quickly to LTE.

IoT friendly LTE chipset are the support for the new wave of LTE device development ,and  best solutions are flexible, efficient and low cost. Today there are may chipset modules available which have been designed for the IoT.

Highly optimized for M2M and IoT devices these new solution provide all features and functionality required to build robust,long life LTE devices for many application at low cost.


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