What are the embedded system applications and examples ?

embedded system applications

Embedded system Applications and Examples


In the last article, we talked about how embedded systems are the fundamental unit of every mechanic and electric system. We also discussed their advantages, along with their future scopes and uses. But, to understand their future necessity and how they can play a massive role in changing the technological sphere of our society, we first need to look at the embedded system applications and examples in daily life.

We need to understand the present-day embedded system applications in order to maximize their input and use them for further advancements.

So within the scope of this article, we will be discussing how common embedded systems are and how systematically they are used in everyday machines to keep our daily lives rolling.

So, let’s begin!



Embedded System applications and real life examples

To make it a lot easier for you to understand the role that embedded systems play in our daily lives, we have broken down their uses into examples and the devices they are used in.


We will be answering 2 different questions:

  1. Where exactly are Embedded Systems used as of now?
  2. And what role do they play in different devices?


So here are a few examples:


  1. Central Heating Systems

Central heating systems turn chemical energy into thermal energy. This energy is then converted                into heat and transported to different rooms. But to adjust the heat that is released in the room, an            embedded system is applied that allows the user to change the temperature settings to control the              heat.


Central Heating Systems - applications of embedded system


  1. ATMs

Embedded systems in ATMs are used to show transaction data while also processing inputs from               the ATM keyboard. All of this happens simultaneously while the ATM communicates with the host             bank over a network and allows the transaction to take place.


ATM - embedded system examples and uses



  1. Fitness trackers

Embedded systems play a huge role in the functioning of fitness trackers. They monitor your                      health    and track activities. They are used to garner data like heart rate, footsteps, calories burnt,              body temperature, etc.


fitness tracker- example of an embedded system


  1. Telecommunication

From phones to telephones, all forms of communication processes use embedded systems to                      facilitate communication. Along with basic communication devices satellite technology also uses                embedded systems to send and receive specifically dedicated communication signals.


       5. Automobile

Electric Vehicles, Upcoming Automobiles along with hybrid vehicles use embedded systems in                    order to increase efficiency and decrease pollution. These vehicles also  have dedicated                                  embedded systems for anti-lock braking systems (ABS), Electronic Stability Control                                      (ESC/ESP),  traction control (TCS), and automatic four-wheel drive.


Automobile uses of embedded system



Thus, we can see that Embedded systems have a major role in literally device we come across. These systems work together with IoT and other internet and network protocols to instantiate the working of several devices. With the help of embedded systems, device manufacturers are able to assign certain functions to dedicated systems and ultimately smoothen the functioning of a machine.

Embedded systems can reduce the flow of work on one particular machine by breaking it down into several different units and handling them on their own. Thus, it makes them of huge advantage in the modern-day technological revolution.


With such huge and varied embedded system uses, we are sure to notice them rise in the future and increase the scope of machine advancement! Ley us know what you think the future holds for these systems!



Hope you like the article on “Embedded system examples” and let us know daily life uses of Embedded system in the comment section below.


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References  and Image credits : Digi -com

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