Artificial Intelligence (AI): The Ultimate Data Security Enhancer

AI and Data Security

Data security to get smart with AI:

How fairly do you remember the first time “artificial intelligence” was used? The concept of AI has always been with us since 1956 – it was coined for a project titled “Dartmouth Summer Research Project” on Artificial Intelligence. AI and Data Security.

As we strive toward a data-driven world, we’re seeing organizations facing difficulties due to continuous data breach. During the past years, multinational companies went through public havoc due to data breaches.

Even more, it tarnished most organizations’ reputation, loss of credibility, and loss of opportunity to gain a reputation in the market. Though these organizations had their back up along with their operations restored, they still went through a huge revenue loss.

Data breach: egregious cases – 2016

You can simply imagine the loss for consumers whose dependency was solely on their devices. It brought their life to a standstill.

  • Uber disclosed that their personal information of approximately 57 million customers and drivers had been hacked, a report by Bloomberg News.
  • O2 mobile users’ life went to a standstill.
  • Deliveroo failed to deliver products to the right customers due to data leak.

A recent case that took place in 2019 where a collection of 2.7 billion records that contained 773 million email addresses and 21 million unique passwords were up for sale on the internet.

Over the past years, we have seen how digitization has taken a toll in industries such as trade, healthcare, banking, and many others that there are now higher possibilities of data breaches. Owing to this, data now plays a vital role for companies moving toward the digital space.

Artificial intelligence to secure your data, how?

In present times, hackers are becoming smarter and smarter every day that they are now launching strikes with the help of automated attacks –traditional and manual technique companies follow are now helping them contextualize with the external data. This process can be dangerous since they are time-consuming and can aid in detecting delicate data.

Having said that, today AI professionals are always on a lookout for newer tools and technologies to help organizations come up with possible and viable solutions.

But whom can you blame for a data breach?

Can you find out the right reason if these breaches happened intentionally or were they faulty? According to a data and security firm, Symantec, they said data breaches often take place due to employee negligence.

  • 47% of business leaders said that data breaches take place due to human error
  • 25% of the employees aren’t worried about their computers being locked on unlocked
  • A mere 14% of the companies implemented basic cyber security guidelines

With data becoming the highlight for most businesses, data breach needs to be eliminated.

Can there be precautionary measures?

Even a minor a data breach could cost you millions that lead to long-lasting consequences. Performing security audits and getting your tech employees such as AI experts trained can be done to avoid data breach.

Here’s what you can start doing today: –

  • Switch platforms or service providers

There might be possible threats and vulnerabilities on the data security infrastructure your company is using today, from emailing clients to cloud hosting the platform might not be secured. Although shifting to another service provider could be a difficult project to handle, these efforts could go a long way toward securing data but it is recommended.

  • Conduct security audits

For organizations that recognize they’re ata higher risk of breaches must undertake security audits. Organizations must assess the current situation and the defectiveness of online security. This process allows youto outline the risk factors or threats the company might face.

  • Online training of staff and education

From downloading content from the web to email attachments and weak passwords, and untrained staff could be one of the liabilities of a data breach. Providing online training to the IT staff that includes AI specialists or AI experts is often one of the major steps to eliminate data security concerns.

  • Digital security concerns

This is a major concern for many companies, thus it is important to revisit digital security from time to time. Newer threats and security concerns could evolve anytime and businesses cannot afford to lag.

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Future concerns: AI and Data Security

Increasing collaboration of the security team who are responsible for identifying the security gaps and remediating is a tough operation to conduct. You can now make use of a risk-based cyber security concept. This enables your proactive security incident notification and human interactive loop intervention automates by using it as a blueprint.

Although machine learning helps in reducing time to remediate, it does not protect your organization from cyber-attacks.

The takeaways

To get the best out of AI for data security, organizations need to understand and find out what best machines and humans could do together. AI advances at a fast pace today, exploring the best tools and technologies can help businesses with their data security.


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