Best Predictive Analytics Tools

Best Predictive Analytics Tools

Data touches almost every aspect of our lives in today’s technology-driven society. Data analytics is the most rapidly moving field in IT, but its importance goes beyond IT. According to Purdue University, data analytics are also applied in government, healthcare, supply chain management, business, and sports management. Organizations archive and analyze large amounts of data today. With advanced machine-learning technology and data analytics, organizations and governments can produce many valuable results by data analysis.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is the analysis process of raw data to identify patterns and trends, generally hoping that anyone can collect actionable insights. Data analytics is also the combination of data collection, knowledge of the most appropriate data and data analysis, and understanding of how you can interpret these data. Data analytics now use advanced learning algorithms and programming languages such as R and Python that are also useful for statistical analysis.

The data analytics field combines information technology and business management to support companies in managing data, gaining business insight, and expanding opportunities. Data analytics concentrates on statistical analysis processing and implementation with ongoing datasets, and this can be learned through a comprehensive list of courses, boot camps, and certificate programs. Data analytics Bootcamp provides short, knowledge-intensive training programs for students to develop professional skills.

What is Predictive Analytics?

Predictive analytics predicts future outcomes of your organization based on historical data. It is done by several statistical methods, such as data mining, machine learning, and predictive modeling.

Predictive analytics are part of advanced analytics, including data collection, big data analytics, and prescriptive analytics. More and more companies look for predictive analytics that improves their results and ensures that they have a competitive benefit that leads to their success. You can make the best bet on predictive analysis solutions to become a business seer. But what are the best tools for predictive analytics?


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What are Predictive Analytics tools?

Tools that use data to aid you in future vision are the predictive analysis tools. It isn’t a crystal ball. However, it tells you the chances of possible results. You can help to plan many aspects of your business by knowing these probabilities.

1.     SAP Analytics Cloud:

SAP is a big, multinational software company. It is a German company established in the 70s. ERP has many good data platforms, and it is their specialty. SAP Predictive Analytics has been their central data analytics platform. Now, it is gradually integrated into the larger SAP Cloud Analytics platform. It does better for BI than for SAP Predictive Analytics. For improved planning and forecasting, SAP Analytics Cloud operates on AI. It works on every device. Organizations of any size can easily use this analytical platform. Finally, it is easy to use SAP Analytics Cloud for everyone.

2.     RapidMiner Studio:

It combines data analysis and preparation with the implementation of customized enterprises. This code-optional software allows you to automatically report at times or events that cause changes in your visualizations.

3.     WebFOCUS:

It is the Information Builders’ (ibid) analytical platform. It’s a self-governing tool. Users can access a vast number of databases. It allows you to monitor many useful KPIs and track them. It has excellent interactive dashboards. An insight mode facilitates non-technology users to see from what stands out in the data.

4.     Google AI Platform:

AI platform supports Google’s open-source platform, namely Kube Flow, which enables you to build portable ML pipelines on-site or on a Google Cloud without substantial code changes. And as you deploy your AI applications for production, you will have access to cutting-edge Google AI technologies such as TensorFlow, TPU, and TFX.

5.     MATLAB:

MatLab is a proprietary programming language-based predictive analytics and calculation platform. MatLab is used across industries and academia. MatLab is widely used in industry and universities. MatLab lets you access, analyze and scale your data from a broad range of sources and scale to clusters, clouds, and big data platforms, including Hadoop® and Spark®. MatLab allows engineers and domain experts to develop their applications in data analysis.

6.     DMway:

The DMWay Analytics Engine is a robust solution offering the highest modeling level. They created an Analytic engine to model the steps of experienced data scientists to develop a precise and efficient analytics model. To achieve this new solution, rather than “robotics,” an experienced data scientist can create models that reflect how an experienced data scientist creates large-scale predictive models.

7.     TIMi Suite:

The TIMi Suite is a complete and built-in set of data collection tools that address all business analysis needs! The TIMi Suite provides predictive analysis and segmentation analysis to provide the best insight into the B2B or B2C market, publicity campaigns, and more. At every level of management, TIMi allows better decisions.

8.     TIBCO Spotfire:

TIBCO Spotfire has numerous tools for working on large datasets. Spotfire is easy enough to use when it comes to predictive analysis. Spotfire is called one-click predictions. These are preprogrammed methods for classifying and clustering data.

9.     Tableau:

Tableau is a comprehensive BI and Analytical solution for analyzing core business data and the development of meaningful insights. The solution helps companies collect data from multiple sources such as SQL, tablets, cloud applications like Google Analytics or Salesforce to create a collective dataset.


DataRobot, the data science company based in Boston, enables business analysts to create predictive analytics with no machine learning and programming knowledge. It uses automated ML to develop predictive models and to deploy them accurately over a short time.



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Final words

Data drives almost everything people do today, where data analytics allows for better and more effective decision-making. With better analyses of data, Data Scientists can find factors that lead to higher cancer incidences or find ways of reducing the spread of cancer.

Data analysts are highly sought-after professionals because they are versatile and can be applied to many contexts. Predictive analytics uses statistical methods to estimate future results. Still, a company is responsible for interpreting the results and taking action. It is significant for every analytical project, especially one that includes predictions and forecasting, to have the right tool and team at hand.

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