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IoE Internet of Everything

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Internet of Everything :

Internet of Everything (IoE) is not exactly equal to internet of things. The term is somewhat synonymous with the Internet of Things (IoT).

“According to ‘Cisco’-The Internet of Everything is the intelligent connection of people, process, data and things.”


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The “Internet of Everything” builds on the foundation of the “Internet of Things” by adding network intelligence that allows convergence, orchestration and visibility across previously disparate systems.

The Internet of Everything (IoE) is a broad term that refers to devices and consumer products connected to the Internet and outfitted with new broad  digital features. It is a concept  in which technology’s future is comprised of many different types of appliances, devices and items connected to the global Internet.

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Importance of Internet of Everything:

The IoE brings together people, process, data and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before – turning information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences and unprecedented economic opportunity for businesses, individuals and countries.

The explosion of new connections joining the Internet of Everything is driven by the development of IP-enabled devices, the increase in global broadband availability and the advent of IPv6.

The IoE is a $4.6 trillion opportunity for the global public sector over the next decade. (Source: Cisco}

Applications of IoE

  • Smart Grid: Main function of smart grid for increased network connections. Modernization of electrical grid is necessary to benefit consumer and conserve precious resources.
  • IoE in remote health monitoring


Summary  Internet of  Everything is the combination of Internet of Things and Internet of People.


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