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Wireless patient monitoring

IoT based Patient Monitoring

Wireless patient monitoring is a vast application of IoT.

IoT based patient monitoring helps both the patients and the doctors.

It allows many patients, who need to be monitored, to stay in their homes, while doctors can monitor them remotely.

Patients get to stay in the comfort and familiarity of their homes while the doctors get updates about their current health status.

Even when patients need to be hospitalized, IoT based wireless patient monitoring lets them move around instead of being tied to their hospital bed with wires attached for monitoring.

Doctors can also save time by not having to go to each and every patient’s bed to collect the monitored data.

They can also receive reliable and real-time data on their hand-held devices anytime they want. Alerts are also transmitted when any patient needs immediate attention. This prevents delays in help reaching the patient.

Wireless Patient Monitoring

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There are several different devices in use for different areas of wireless patient monitoring. The below table lists the different wireless patient monitoring devices and their applications. Click on the hyperlinks to know more about any product.

Name Application
Zephyr VitalSync Physiological Patchwearable device to monitor the patient's heart rate and breathing rate
gets ECG on demand
alerts when the patient needs to be repositioned to prevent pressure ulcers*
all data is sent to a central monitoring platform (see below) where it can be accessed remotely
Zephyr VitalSync Virtual Patient Monitoring Platform
receives information from bedside monitoring devices or other wearable devices and uploads them on the hospital server
hospital staff can access this data from any device connected to the hospital network
an alarm is transmitted when the patient's monitored status deviates more than the set limit
Mobile Cardiac Telemetry Solutionsused for patients who require heart monitoring for an extended period
eliminates the need to be hospitalized for monitoring
a sensor attached to the patient's body monitors heart rate and ECG data for 30 days
irregular heartbeat is notified
AliveCor KardiaMobiletakes a proper medical EKG of the heart using the device and a mobile app
helps people with heart conditions to monitor their EKG
saves the patient the trip to the hospital for EKG when they feel symptoms
helps patient transmit readings remotely to their physician
physician can offer advice based on the reading for
immediate action
AirStrip Oneprovides patient monitoring data, medical history, test reports on the doctor's mobile or handheld device
useful for hospitalized patients where the doctor can remotely monitor the patient's current health status
can also monitor non-hospitalized patient's status at home
Leaf patient sensortracks mobility of hospitalized patients to prevent pressure ulcers*
alerts staff when assisted movement is required
helps to keep the patient's body healthy by enforcing regular turning and movement of the body
Propeller Healtha sensor which attaches to an asthma inhaler
helps track the triggers for asthma
helps patients understand and avoid places and environment conditions triggering their asthma
data can also be shared with the patient's doctors
Glookoa mobile app and a syncing device for diabetes management can sync data from 30 different kinds of blood glucose monitors to the mobile app
patients can also log their food and exercise details
patients can set reminders for medications and exercise
provides a visual representation of the data
allows patients to see the effects of their lifestyle on their diabetes
can create PDF file to share with the doctor
doctor can also see data about all their patients on their glooko app
Echo Therapeuticsinnovative insulin delivery and glucose monitoring system for diabetics
A pen-like device exfoliates the outer layer of dead skin to administer insulin without the pain of injections
A band-aid-like sensor monitors the blood glucose levels at frequent intervals
data can be viewed remotely on wireless devices like mobile
Notifications are received when the blood glucose is not within the required levels

* pressure ulcers – injuries due to pressure on the body when it remains in the same position for long periods


All of these IoT based wireless patient-monitoring devices allow better control of the patient’s health, both to the doctors and the patient. Many more devices are going to come up in the field of wireless patient monitoring and to improve healthcare.

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