SensiBLE IoT module- will help you to build your IoT Product

SensiBLE IoT Module

It’s a dream off every entrepreneur “Just develop the App”, and get the market as soon as the code is ready. But what happens when hardware IoT components like sensors and connectivity included in the Project?

Imagine the world of “IoT Hardware Ready” on the shelf product, all in one: Sense-Control-Power-Connect. It’s waiting to transform to final product with 3 simple steps: choose the hardware, develop code and 3D print enclosure.

IoT Module – When Bluetooth & Sensors come together

SensiBLE IoT Module is a Integrated module, offer an ideal solutions for developers seeking to develop IoT products without dealing with Hardware Developing and Production Logistics.

SensiBLE-complete IoT module

Engineers, Makers and Students making easy entrepreneur’s business plan, by giving the ability predict sales performance without spent big money on market research, developing and stock the product. Company in early stage can buy only a few pieces for tests product and make proof of concept in a matter of days.

SensiBLE is a “Hardware Ready” low power, small size form factor World’s smallest system-on-board (20*30mm), 14-axis DoF, based STMicroelectronics components all together: 3-axis Accelerometer, a 3-axis Magnetometer, a 3-axis digital Gyroscope, Pressure, relative Humidity and Temperature, Microphone, ambient Light sensor, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.1, and Low Power ARM® 32-bit Cortex®-M4 CPU with FPU.

SensiBLE IoT Module -Features


SensiBLE can be powered directly with a standard 3V coin cell battery, a pair AAA batteries or any power source from 2 to 3.6 V, or from external power like USB or power adapter from 4.5 to 7 V.

SensiBLE enables wireless connectivity, not requiring any RF experience or expertise. Firmware, Bluetooth stack, protocols and Profiles are embedded into SensiBLE. Cyber protected by hardware Link Layer of AES-128 encryption and decryption. It provides a complete RF platform being a certified – CE, FCC and BQE qualified.


Security - SensiBLE IoT Module


SDK makes it easy to develop applications on either system (Android™ and iOS™), by using a common programming model for both Android™ and iOS™ platforms.

Cloudthing- SensiBLE IoT Module


CloudThing is SensiEDGE IoT cloud middleware designed for solution developers and system integrators.

This hardware-agnostic platform allows to connect any device via Internet, BLE, SUB GIGA, WiFi , Sigfox or LoraWAN, provides security layer and fleet management capabilities, including OTA updates.

Data from devices may be stored, visualized and analyzed with visual drag & drop Big Data editor.

Development of final solutions and integrations is simplified and accelerated by SDKs and rich family of APIs.

SIMBA-PRO - SensiBLE IoT Module

The SensiBLE module, SIMBA-PRO, in full production now, priced from $20 for orders of 1,000 pieces. Customization of Sensors, MCU and other hardware components can be added or removed giving the customer the freedom to pay only for what requires by the project.


SensiBLE evaluation board is available immediately, Eval kit SIMBA-DKL is in production now, priced for $112. It assists design-in of firmware to a wide range of products such as fitness and blood-pressure monitors, glucose meters, hearing aids, wearable sensors, smart headphones, portable audio devices, smart plugs, smart watches, and other sensor over ble products.

SensiEDGE – This company will help you build your IoT Product.


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