Smart Virtual Doctor Consultation Robot- IoT based Project

Smart Virtual Doctor Consultation Robot

There is a famous phrase which goes: “Some heroes don’t wear capes; we call them doctors. ”We understand the real weight of this phrase when we or our loved ones face any medical emergency. Both the first and last events in a human’s life involve doctors, in maternity hospitals and mortuaries. Doctors have the responsibility to prolong lives and well being in our society. Survivors of diseases like cancer owe their lives to such skilled doctors.

Doctors work at places like hospitals, clinics, medical offices, emergency rooms, etc. Hence it is not physically possible for them to be present everywhere. This can sometimes prove to be problematic in some situations. With improved technology, it has become very common and easy for us to book appointments and get regular check-ups from doctors through online booking system and video calls; but for this method, we need a device like a mobile phone or a laptop and proper internet connection. Therefore, this reduces the ability of doctors to examine the patients in or near the operation theatre at will or even to walk around the hospital rooms as required.

Here, we propose a possible solution to the above-mentioned problems.

This IoT based virtual doctor robot allows the doctor to move around virtually on their own, without being present at that location. Along with making movements, the doctor can talk to patients at different locations.

This system consists of a robotic motor vehicle which has four wheels for easy movement. It also consists of a circuit for controlling the motor vehicle and a set up to hold the mobile or similar devices which powers live video and voice calls. A panel is made which is used by the doctor to control the motor vehicle and examine the patient. The user sends commands over IoT online and it is received by the controlling circuit. The controller then interprets the commands and takes the necessary steps to operate the motors, according to the given commands. The robot controller operates over Wi-Fi. The controller has other attributes like showing low battery alert. This whole system works on the basis of IoT in real time.

Hence, with this system, IoT makes doctors available at any place virtually. If used at the proper places, this approach can prove to be very helpful.



  • DC Motor
  • Gearboxes
  • Wi-fi Module
  • Robotic Base Frame
  • Wheels
  • Shaft
  • Pole Rod
  • IC’s and IC Holders
  • Resistors
  • Capacitors
  • Diodes and Transistors
  • Antenna
  • Switch and electrical Wiring
  • Base Frame
  • Supporting Frame
  • Mounts an joints
  • Screws and Bolts

virtual doctor consultation robot project
virtual doctor consultation robot project




  • Doctors can be available at any place or time, virtually.
  • Even in the virtual scenario, doctors can move around in the OTs or around the patients on their own.
  • Doctors can move from one room to another, virtually and in real time.
  • Doctors can remotely check the medical reports.


  • The system requires charging of the batteries.
  • It requires a device like mobile or tab to be attached to enable the video calls.
  • Initial set-up cost might be high.


  • Hospitals
  • Health Camps
  • Nursing homes
  • Clinics
  • Emergency rooms


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