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 Cybercrime and Cybersecurity


Cybercrime is done by using Computer networks & Devices, including FRAUD &IDENTITY THEFT. These are examples of both “Computer as TARGET” & “Computer as TOOL”.


New TECHNOLOGIES, new INNOVATIONS & these new INNOVATIONS give birth to new GADGETS, which makes an individual addicted to it.


These innovations lead to vulnerabilities and these vulnerabilities has made cyber crimes easier. The IoT security is being affected by CYBERCRIME TRENDS.
According to TechRepubic, the threat of cybercrime over individuals & companies is increasing at an alarming rate.


cyber-security-monthIn last year, i.e.2016, over 90 million cyber-attacks are estimated to be registered, which means about 400 hacks every minute. To raise awareness of the growing threat, OCTOBER has been declared as NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS MONTH in both UNITED STATES & EUROPE.Experts estimated that individuals & companies may face double no. of hacks.



According to Senior Director of Security Consulting at cybersecurity firm, Sameer Dixit, “companies loose over an average of $15.4 million per attack”.


cyber-attack-iotduniaNowadays cyber-attacks are easily done. For e.g. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. are being used frequently and sharing photos, videos & much more without any privacy check-up.

This leads to increase in vulnerabilities and hacks are faced by the individuals in such a way that the personal videos, photos are being viral throughout the internet.



Photo morphing, Phishing, Malware, Hacking are some of the cybercrimes.


CYBER STALKING is one of the cybercrime which makes use INTERNET for harassing or stalking an individual or group of companies.

According to Norton 




  “Being online is not just TIMEPASS, it is a serious CRIME”


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