What is Cyberbullying? are your loved ones being cyber-bullied?

What is Cyberbullying

What is Cyberbullying?:

Cyberbullying occurs after the wrong usage of the cell phone, email, instant messaging, social networking messaging for example in Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Mostly, social networking sites are being used for the intimidation or frightening someone.

Due to the early age usage of social networking sites by the children, the most common victims of cyberbullying are the children who start using these in adolescent ages.

In the cyberbullying, the problem encountered when a bully hides the identity and act all these tasks with the pseudonymous username and becoming the true user name during the chat with someone.

As most of the times, convict hide their identities so it becomes arduous to trace them and thus it acts more aggressively without having the fear to catch or trace by someone.

In the cyberbullying, person sends messages of threats with proactive insults or racial comments and hence the computer of the victim may also be hacked or infected by the virus or flooding of the emails may also occur during the process.

You should always care during the cyberbullying that don’t open the unknown emails or don’t respond to those emails who are not recognized Moreover, if you’re also getting the defamatory messages, don’t respond to those messages as well.

If someone is continuously being threatened, it can take some instant measures like blacklisting of emails or whitelisting or changing the email I’ds or ISPs. However, you also have the alternative of changing your phone and attempt to locate the specific source with the assistance of your elders or cyber experts.

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In the case of bullying, one will be uncontrollable after some time. Another type of cyberbullying may happen at schools or after the schooling hours outside the school area. There is a lot of effect on the psychological and emotional health after the cyberbullying on teens or children and they can affect the anxiety or depression and thus they can also commit suicide.

If you want to tear down the obstacles of keeping children safer in the schools from the cyberbullying, you should understand exactly about the cyberbullying how and why exactly, they’re affecting the children or teens!

A specific study held on knowing the cyberbullying stats shows the most influential section of the cyberbullying happenings in the online mode where 40% of children have been found of becoming its victim. However, these stats are continuously increasing greatly at a frightening speed.

While other sources of causing the cyberbullying were 60% and thus they also led to making the matter worse. The victims of cyberbullying should also be taken care of by the parents so that they can curb the aggression of the children which is the most probable symptom of your child after being threatened by someone through any types of mode.

You’ll easily identify the victim of the cyberbullying that will not have the behavior than usual and some unnecessary activities will come into existence once your children become the victim of cyberbullying.

It has also been found in the internet era that the stats of the cyberbullying are continuously increasing and these are the cause of concern for the parents as well as elders. With the increasing number of cyberbullying matters, it can also be assumed that these are uncontrollable and effective measures should also be taken by the government or responsible authorities so that it can be curbed in the time being.

You should explore the ways by which the bullying of children or teens can be controlled effectively and these measures can start from your school, community and in your home so everyone can do something to combat cyberbullying at his own level or ground. If you’ll not take any initiative to fight against cybercrimes or bullying, the day of affecting you not too far.

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What are the examples of the Cyberbullying?

In the case of cyberbullying, information and communication technology are used between persons that can humiliate, defame or taunt each other during the communication online through chat or other mediums available for communication.

Cyberbullying doesn’t include the face-to-face conversation and it primarily occurs online through the implementation of the electric devices as a tool for spreading the information to others.

Here, we’re going the best examples of cyberbullying that will spread awareness among people:

  1. Cyberstalking:

It’s one kind of cybercrime if someone is threatening you or your children. In this tactic of cybercrime, someone intimidates, taunts and vilify the person to whom he despises. However, this tactic of cyberbullying accepted until and unless the child is not threatened physically.

However, a child or teen or person should communicate to his near and dear ones regarding the same spreading the talks happened by both parties.

This is one kind of blackmailing by the responsible person when it uses the images or video of someone as the cyberbullying tactic threatening him to go viral. Due to the fear of spreading the image or video in the community, a felon can force someone for doing any specific task.

It is also one of the most popular and possible threats of bullying that can be a cause to spread your image or video viral online through YouTube or Facebook most commonly. Hence, the basic aim completes of humiliating someone or disparaging.

This is the non-consensual act done by someone and comes under the criminal charges and one can go to jail if allegations fall true after the inspection of the authorities.

  1. Cyber Drama:

Due to the mild gossip on the internet through any social platform or email or messaging or call, this crime is kept in the moderate category. However, due to the mild conversation, this gossip can also terminate after a few messages.

Mostly it happens with the adolescent online users and it tells about to refrain from each other and thus after a short conversation, it can break so they can also block each other or a new account can also be opened after the case happens.

It should also be noted, some children can also be affected adversely due to the negative consequences of the talks happened between them and vibes that he/she doesn’t need to spread in his/her surroundings.

  1. Exposure:

Exposure is also a common type of cyberbullying spec that may threat to someone of posting the private information in the social platform and it may also incorporate posting of his/her personal photos or videos for the public display and thus children are being targeted.

Exposure is more detrimental than any other cyberbullying spec that many mentally harass adolescent and thus it can also commit the suicide so it’s a serious concern and one should be taken care of greatly that is affected adversely and the matter goes worse from the bad.

  1. Impersonation:

In this case of bullying tactic, children are targeted making online comments obnoxious on social platforms and forums.

In this way of cyberbullying, holds vitriolic information that leads to the particular child being expelled in some bullying ways.

This way of cyberbullying often makes unaware to the children that they are being targeted and after implementation of the tactic, they’ll get to know about the same.

  1. Prompt Messaging Attacks:

This type of cyberbullying enables users to create a personal chat room with others. Attackers use the IM in this way to harass and create threats to the targeted child or teen with the depreciatory information of something.

This is one of the best ways found by the attackers that can affect the social or general life of online child users. The conversation starts this way often goes worse started during the school or shopping mall.

  1. Creating fake Facebook or other social accounts:

In the immense cyberspace, cybercrime is also on top so impersonator can bully someone posting forge content on the profile and asking or forcing something irrelevant.

This is also one of the types of cyberbullying by which where bullying is done after creating the fake Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat or any other social account.

Bullying after creating the fake social media profiles is also a common threat among children or teens and parents should be taken care of perfectly.

In this type of threat. The first step of evading from such threats is to report the profile of that individual.

  1. Text Wars and Text Attacks:

This may also appear in the form of bullying where impersonator can send hundreds/thousands of messages to children. These messages can also be sent by a group of impersonators and emotional toll can irritate the child drastically.

Moreover, due to the increasing charges of the cellphones may also become a cause to admonish the child by his/her parents that can make them emotionally down.

Due to the text wars and text attacks, children can also tend to the act harmful behaviors against the targetted child and thus it can affect him/her immensely and can also become a cause to suicide.

  1. Creating blogs or websites with the Ridiculous Jokes of the Targeted Persons:

This is also one type of cyberbullying exist in the system, where someone makes a fake website and posts hateful content on the website against the targeted person just for the harassment.

In the website, an attacker can also post cartoons, jokes, and stories against the person ridiculing them immensely.

Thus it can perturb the related person! However, you can also report such website if someone is posting putting hateful or abusive information on the website and Google will take action on such a website instantly and block them.

  1. Abusing other players in multiplayer online games, or Internet-connected console games:

Your children may also become a victim of such bullying where attacker bullies a player of his team.

In such internet-connected console games, someone will urge to join his group once after accepting the request, you’ll be threatened during the game by sending some harassing messages if it has been intentionally.

This is also the common bullying in the internet world and it may happen with your child too so be careful and take preventive steps to curb it at earliest!

  1. Stealing someone’s password and impersonating them online:

Ultimately, we have reached one another most common online threat where the impersonator can hack your password and threatens to give your password to a particular group of college or school.

If your child is a part of any sports team, with the hacked email I’d message can be sent to coach’s email account telling them about the other players of the team better than him/her and thus he can also urge to release from the team due to weaknesses.


Due to the increasing number of online ways of communication, the cybercrime is constantly increasing and there are a lot of new types of crimes often come into existence.

Jurisdiction over the cybercrime should also be evaluated by the government and it should be strict law by the government so that convict can feel fear in the future before committing any crime and an increasing number of online crimes can also be reduced.

These will be important steps by the authorities if take place in mid of the flooding of the crimes in the internet world. However, the cybercrime or bullying are committed against the cyber laws of the government these days but some other effective measures can also be curbed so that the responsible person can be caught at the earliest and it should be punished severely according to the type of charge it has.

In the cyberbullying, children or teens are harassed or bullied by some that come against the law.

You are also not advised to retaliate in case of cyberbullying that can increase the hatred among each other and may also become a cause to attack the victim and thus the level of harassment can also be increased drastically.

Moreover, you can also retaliate to that person brutally and criminal actions can be made against you as well. So you should always inform your elders or parents or schools or a responsible person or authority so that the action can be taken against the convict.

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